Celebrity fat cat who became town’s top tourist attraction put on strict diet

Gacek has been removed from Google as a tourist attraction (Picture: Kotgacekeveryday/Instagram)

A cat which became a Polish town’s top-rated attraction has been forced off the streets and onto a diet after too many tourists fed him.

Gacek, the black and white stray cat, has been removed from Google as a tourist hot spot, despite scoring a five star rating from reviewers.

Locals expressed concern over the chunky cat’s health, and wanted to stop sightseers from feeding him.

A vet also recommended he lose 4-5 kgs in weight after he ballooned in size, prompting Gacek to find a new home.

The city’s animal welfare association announced last month Gacek was ‘doing well and found a new home’ and posted a picture of the moggy looking skinnier.

They wrote: ‘I am no longer Gacek. From today, call me George… George Clooney in the car version. Yes that’s the new me!

‘I’m fit and I’m running up and down stair, and jumping on countertops.’

At the height of his fame, the cat, which has been dubbed ‘the King of Kaszubska’ after the street he lived on in Szczecin, even survived a kidnapping attempt after a woman was pictured attempting to grab the moggy before jumping in a taxi.

Locals expressed concern over the chunky cat’s health (Picture: Kotgacekeveryday/Instagram)

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Gacek was put on a diet (Picture: Kotgacekeveryday/Instagram)

He ranked higher on the google than the city’s more traditional tourist attractions, including the Castle of Pomeranian Dukes and a network of underground WWII tunnels.

One reviewer called Josefita wrote: ‘Best kitty cat ever, very good boy, would recommend 100%. 10/10.’

Another called Fabian Webb added: ‘Best thing I have ever seen.’

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