Embracing African roots and modern style

By Kareem Islamiyat

Nigeria is known for its diverse customs and traditions but also for thriving in the fashion industry. From the early stages, Nigerians have always loved fashion and have gained recognition in many countries of the world. From colourful fabrics to radiant designs, Nigerian fashion is a representation of African cultural heritage and creativity. 

Fashion in Nigeria has not only been about the clothes and fabrics alone. The mixture of beautiful colours and print to achieve beauty is one of the fascinating things about African fashion. Materials such as Ankara and Adire made from dye and wax are used to create beautiful garments that represent African culture.


To appeal to the interest of contemporary fashion, traditional Nigerian attire like the flowing agbada, beautiful Iro and Buba, and regal gele head wraps have been recreated making it look more modern and classy.

Nigerian fashion has a significant global impact. Nigerian fashion designers are now significant trendsetters who influence worldwide fashion trends.

The impact of Nigerian designers have become influential trendsetters, shaping global fashion trends. From celebrities donning Nigeria-inspired outfits to international fashion brands incorporating African prints and designs into their collections, Nigerian fashion has undoubtedly made its mark on the global stage.

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