I’ll know Mr. Right from his reaction to my stubbornness -Ifeoma Nebe, actress

By Rita Okoye 

When actress, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ifeoma Nebe is not acting, she travels and documents her experiences.

In this interview, the Nsukka, Enugu State-born movie star shares the inspiration behind her works and philanthropy. She also talks about how she managed to convince her parents to embrace her career, and many more. Please enjoy it.

You marked your birthday recently. How was the feeling like? What’s special about this year’s celebration?

I felt really blessed. The year has been a blessing and will continue to be so. Overall, I’m grateful to God for a lot of things, most especially, how far I have come. 

How was your first time on set?

My first time in front of camera was actually scary. It was filled with doubts but I was ready to give my all. Now, I thank God for everything. 

Can you mention some of the movies you’ve done?

I have done many movies. They are Premonition, Tales of Mmasi, Lagos Compound, War of Maidens, Retirement Plan, The Other Room, You Whom I Trusted and more.

Acting comes with different challenges, how has the journey been?

The journey has been challenging, fun, educative and most importantly, rewarding. We just have to keep grinding.

Can you recall any embarrassing moment on set?

Oh yeah… One time I was lucky to be paired with a veteran actor and in a bid to impress her with my acting skills; I ended up overacting. But she was nice and just smiled.

You are beautiful and charming, how do you deal with male admirers?

Thanks for the compliments. It’s not quite easy. But I try to politely deal with situations whenever I find myself in a tight corner.

What’s the funniest message you’ve received on social media?

A fan messaged me asking if my parents can adopt him. That’s very funny indeed!

What’s your career projection?

I just want to become a good actor and producer, winning multiple awards home and abroad.

What would make you reject a script?

I will reject a script if it’s against my beliefs and principles.

Okay, how do you handle the stubborn ones?

Being strict, which works most times; and if not, I’ll dissociate myself from it completely.

What would make you reject a suitor?

Disrespect and lies.

Are you currently in a relationship?

No, I’m not in any relationship at the moment. I am very much single.

What do you look out for in a man?

I look out for everything in a man. I am single and waiting…

How would you know when you meet the right man?

My heart will alert me. I will also look out for his reaction to my stubbornness.

So, you know you are stubborn, right?

Ahhh… I am very stubborn. I am the first daughter; so don’t blame me. 

Why is a beautiful lady like you still single?

I am not in a rush. I am not cut out for what our generation terms ‘love and relationship’. So, I would rather wait till the right time. 

Tell us about your philanthropy?

I reach out to different people through my foundation. I try as much I can to put smiles on the faces of widows, kids, and youths in my own little way.

What inspired you to start an NGO?

I made mistakes growing up due to poor knowledge or lack of information. Right now, talking to youths who learn from my experiences is a win for me. My background growing up mostly influenced my foundation, as well as empathy to other people’s life experiences.

Could you share some of the mistakes you made while growing up so that others can learn from them too?

I rather not, it’s a personal thing for me.

Can you mention some humanitarian projects you’ve done?

I have done projects like High School Reach Out, Date With The Widows, and Make A Child Smile among others. 

How did your parents react to your choice of career?

They almost fainted. There were a thousand family meetings and warnings. My dad threatened to disown me at some point, but with time and some pleadings, as well as my promise not to take certain roles, they came around to it. 

What are those roles you promised not to take? What if the fee is enticing?

I will never go back on my words; my integrity is worth more than money.

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