We couldn’t afford a house – so we bought a cave for just £1 & turned into our dream home

THIS couple turned a cave into their dream home after purchasing it for only £1 – and the results will wow you.

After being denied a loan from ten banks, Alexia Lamoreux and Lotte van Riel decided to work for three years to make the money needed to renovate the unique property.

YouTubeTheir home is a cave-like property cut into the cliff[/caption]

YouTubeBefore they invested three years of hard work into the project[/caption]

YouTubeThe stunning results of their labour[/caption]

YouTubeTheir dream property cost only £1 to buy[/caption]

The couple bought their cave home, previously owned by his aunt, in France at auction for a bargain.

The couple saved their hard earned cash and got to work on their cave home, which had no electricity or running water.

But the French couple are not the only people who are turning to rocky caves to live – an estimated 40million people live in caves across the globe.

The rock provides excellent insulation, allowing the home to remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

One of the only drawbacks to living inside a cave is the condensation and liquid which can creep in through the cracks.

For 12 months, Alexia and Lotte laboured inside their £1 home to make it liveable, and renovations came to £30,000 – much cheaper than if the couple had decided to buy a traditional home.

The stunning home has recessed lighting, an office area and even a carved out closet.

The bathroom is elevated on a three-step high platform, with a gorgeous claw bath tub.

Venture into the living area, and you’ll find a fully stocked kitchen, dining area and living room all in one.

And the couple has begun renting out their spare room and bathroom on Airbnb, allowing others to experience cave living for themselves.

Alexia and Lotte aren’t the only ones living in caves – this man was homeless so he carved out a cave with incredible sea views.

Nissim Kahlon, 77, created a remarkable structure filled with tunnels, mosaics, and winding staircases out of beachside sandstone cliffs in Israel.

But the country’s Environmental Protection Ministry said Mr Kahlon’s structure is “illegal” – and is endangering the Herzliya beach coastline, to the north of Tel Aviv.

The former squatter, who claims he was living in a tent on the beach in 1973 when he began work on the cave dwelling, has said he would rather die than quit his unlikely home.

While this other cave also caused a stir – but it’s no beachside escape.

And this man built another unexpected shelter – an igloo in his garden.

YouTubeThe before pictures show the massive amount of work the duo did[/caption]

YouTubeStep-by-step they transformed the hovel-like property into a cool home[/caption]

YouTubeNow the cave home is a cosy and modern space[/caption]

YouTubeThe property’s striking position cut into the cliff[/caption]

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