I was ‘raped’ by Premier League star when I was a teen – he FILMED it & showed pals.. I keep seeing his face on TV

A WOMAN has claimed she was raped by a Premier League star as a teen in a bombshell interview.

The alleged victim – who has not been named – says she was 19 when the footballer “attacked” her in her own bedroom during a house party eight years ago.

A woman has claimed she was raped as a teen by a Premier League footballer (stock image)

The woman said the footballer probably wouldn’t remember her ‘if we walked past each other’

She told The Daily Mail the footballer, who she had never met before the party, probably wouldn’t remember her “if we walked past each other” – but the memory of that night is seared into her mind.

The woman says she was “unable to move” during the alleged assault.

She said: “The next thing I remember is my housemate back at my room, banging on the door, asking, ‘What’s going on?’”

She claimed the footballer filmed the horrifying attack – and that footage was allegedly already circulating among guests.

However, she admits that she has not seen the film herself and does not know if it still exists.

The woman said she had never met the player before and they have not met since – but she has not reported the attack to the police or her parents.

She speculated that her drink may have been spiked, but insists she was not just drunk and never consented to the sex, saying there was “no way” she was intoxicated enough to not remember.

Finally, she alleges that the player – who is now signed to a Prem team – returned to her house in the early hours and banged on the locked door, as well as texting her incessantly.

She is scared of reporting the case given the low prosecution rate for rape, especially so long after the attack allegedly took place, the Mail reports.

The woman said: “Honestly, why would I consider the police when I know how incredibly difficult it is to even get it through the Crown Prosecution Service?

“If it gets to court, you are completely annihilated by a lawyer who makes you feel worthless.

“The system isn’t there to protect victims of sexual violence. What other crimes do you report and you’re instantly accused of lying?”

And her pain is only deepened by the fact that she sees his face on TV regularly while watching football with her partner.

She now faces either reliving her experience each time he appears or giving up watching a sport she loves.

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