Watch ‘highlight of Old Trafford’ as cricket fan dives head first into a bin in front of puzzled onlookers at the Ashes

CRICKET fans were left stunned as a fan leapt head first into a bin at Old Trafford yesterday.

The Ashes fourth test got underway in Manchester.

twitter @jackbyrne91An England cricket fan leapt into a bin at Old Trafford[/caption]

twitter @jackbyrne91The fan received cheers from puzzled onlookers[/caption]

With England trailing the series 2-1 going into the latest round of action, fans have been clinging on to any hope.

And one has found a different source of entertainment altogether.

In footage that has since gone viral on social media, a man clad in shorts and a white shirt can be seen trying to whip up onlookers by clapping his hands in the air.

With some fellow fans following suit in the clapping, he set his eyes on his target.

In a peak moment of British fandom, the man can then be seen running and diving head first into a bin.

The baffling incident prompted cheers from those watching on.

And others viewing it on social media loved it.

One wrote: “The absolute highlight at Old Trafford today.”


While a second tweeted: “If this was you you are a f***ing hero mate.”

A third joked: “The technique to keep the bin upright whilst leaping in is absolutely superb.

“Get this man representing the diving at the next Olympics.”

And another added: “Someone’s had a good day.”

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