My neighbour from hell and I keep getting petty revenge on each other for years – our fence keeps getting BIGGER

A MAN embroiled in an explosive three-year feud with his neighbour has told how their tit-for-tat war has escalated to the extreme.

Aymen and his elderly mother say they have simply “had enough” of the woman living next door making their lives a misery.

Ayman and his mum claim to have suffered three years of abuse from their neighbour9now/A Current Affair

9now/A Current AffairHe has been forced to continuously heighten their fence to block the woman out[/caption]

He explained the row has even forced him to heighten the fence that divides the properties in New South Wales, Australia, to keep her prying eyes out.

The Canley Heights resident said he was baffled that his neighbours alleged campaign of abuse has persisted for so long.

The pair had originally got along well when he first moved in – until they clashed over where Ayman’s mum had parked her car.

He told A Current Affair: “My mum parked in front of her house on the road and she didn’t like that.

“So she came at her and started shouting at her. She’s not a reasonable person. She will just swear at you.”

The bust-up marked the start of his continually deteriorating relationship with the woman, which has now reached drastic new lows.

Aymen shared surveillance footage showing him rowing with the fiery resident over their shared fence on the quiet street.

He claims his neighbour from hell has forced him to repeatedly raise the height of the barrier in an attempt to stop her expletive-ridden rants on a daily basis.

But Ayman joked he “still wished it was higher”, as he says it has done little to deter her from shouting and swearing at him.

He has even fortified it with a line of sandbags to help strengthen his makeshift blockade.

Other residents on the street have been blaring music through speakers to try and drown out the noise of the repeated disputes.

Ayman claims the woman even propped up a sign at the front of her home with the words “paedophile alert” alongside a doodle of a devil.

The fed-up son continued: “I was in shock, because that’s not what I am. I called the cops and they made her take it down.

“It’s a nightmare. I think my neighbour is a vile, disgusting, rude creature.”

He now hopes the Department of Communities and Justice, which handle housing Down Under, will step in to finally bring his three years of hell to an end.

Aymen added: “I’m hoping she either gets evicted or they give my mum a transfer.

“We’ve put up with her stuff for so long and we’ve just had enough of it.”

The neighbour was heard telling a reporter she had “no peace in her” when she was asked about resolving the feud.

She refused to discuss the situation on camera and instead claimed they had “got the wrong house.”

The Department of Communities and Justice said in a statement: “The DCJ has a robust policy framework in place to address illegal and antisocial behaviour issues in NSW Government social housing properties.

“The DCJ does not tolerate illegal activity and antisocial behaviour and takes complaints seriously and have spoken to NSW Police in relation to the reported concerns.

“We have evicted social housing tenants for antisocial behaviour and will continue to seek the eviction of tenants who engage in illegal and antisocial behaviour.

“We will continue to work with the tenants involved to address their concerns.”

We previously told how a doctor who ripped down a fence in a neighbour row over a 20ft strip between homes was hit with a £200,000 bill.

Dr Veena Paes was accused of “orchestrating” a land grab from her three neighbours and acting “in a fit of rage” when she did not get her way.

Other residents blast loud music to drown out the pair’s explosive rows9now/A current affair

The woman allegedly erected a shocking sign in her front garden that cops forced her to remove9now/A current affair

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