Murderers who kill their exes are set to face longer jail time under new crackdown

BITTER men who murder their exes face even longer behind bars under a new crackdown.

Those who murder after the end of a relationship and who have a historic of coercive and controlling behaviour will face even more jail time under proposed plans.

Bitter men who murder their exes will face even more jail time under new plans

And killers who get off with lighter sentences because they murder inside the home face a starting sentence of 25 years in future.

It would see a loophole closed which means domestic abusers get off with lesser sentences than people who kill on the street.

One in four killings are done by a partner, former partner or relative.

The changes would see the killers of Ellie Gould and Poppy Devey Waterhouse face longer sentences for murdering them after their relationships came to an end.

It comes as part of a long awaited response to the Wade Review into domestic homicides, which could see sentencing Council guidelines changed and toughened up.

Of the murder cases reviewed by Clare Wade KC over half (51 per cent) involved controlling or coercive behaviour while excessive violence, or overkill, was identified in 60 per cent, with men being the perpetrator in all but one case.

Nearly half (48 per cent) were caused in part by feelings of jealousy or resentment at the end of the relationship.

Justice Secretary Alex Chalk told The Sun: “Every woman has the right to end a relationship.

“But tragically, some pay the ultimate price for doing just that – brutally murdered by their ex in one last selfish, jealousy-fuelled act of control.”

“Like Ellie Gould and Poppy Devey Waterhouse – talented young women whose bright futures were cruelly and callously ripped away. 

“Murders like these are among the most horrific crimes dealt with by our criminal justice system.”

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