Lionesses star Mary Earps ‘hugely hurt’ that fans cannot buy shirt with her name on back for Women’s World Cup 2023

MARY EARPS admits to feeling “hugely” disappointed that fans cannot buy official Lionesses goalkeeper shirts if they wish.

England’s top shot-stopper at this year’s World Cup, has been in talks with kit makers Nike to find a solution.

GettyFans currently cannot buy an official England goalkeeper shirt emblazoned with Earps name on the back of it[/caption]

Earps’ remarks come five months after Fifa named her the best women’s goalkeeper in the world at a glitzy Paris ceremony where she chatted with World Cup winner Emi Martinez.

The long-sleeved tops worn by her, Ellie Roebuck and Hannah Hampton in England games are not currently manufactured for retail sale by Nike.

The Lionesses’ vice-captain, 30, said: It is hugely disappointing and very hurtful.

“It is something that I have been fighting behind closed doors, I have been trying to go through the correct channels as much as possible.

“This is why I have not spoken on it publicly, even though I have been asked a lot about it over the past few months because I have been desperately trying to find a solution with the FA and with Nike.

“On a personal level, it is obviously hugely hurtful considering the last 12 months especially – and also I think there has been an incredible rise in goalkeeping participation over that year.

“I have discussed it with Ellie Roebuck. She is incredibly disappointed. As a whole goalkeeper union, we are all tremendously disappointed.”

Earps, who plays for Manchester United, made history in May when she became the first shot stopper to keep 50 clean sheets in the WSL


And Red Devils’ goalkeeper jerseys emblazoned with her name are said to be a popular-selling item at the club. 

The England star, who has more than 665,000 TikTok followers, added: “My shirt on the Manchester United website was sold out last season. 

“It was the third best-selling shirt. That was my frustration and I ask, can there be any solution? Can there be a replica shirt that can be sold to young people?

“I am not talking about adults respectfully, adults are important in this situation, but it is the young kids I am most concerned about.

“They are going to say ‘mum, dad can I have a Mary Earps shirt’ and they say ‘I can’t but I can get you an Alessia Russo 23 or a Rachel Daly 9.’ 

“And so what you are saying is that goalkeeping isn’t important, but you can be a striker if you want. 

“All my team-mates they have ordered a lot of shirts for their friends and family, they are talking about it at the dinner table ‘oh I wasn’t able to get this’ and I’m thinking “yeah I can’t get it at all”.

“There are a lot of people who have spent a tremendous amount of money on outfield shirts and then put 1 Earps on the back which doesn’t sit well with me either.

“You know Millie (Bright) spoke to me a couple of weeks ago or maybe a bit longer and said ‘Mary, my niece is desperate to get your shirt, where can I get it?’.

“I was like ‘yeah you can’t, it doesn’t exist’.

“I think that is a huge problem, and I think it is a scary message that is being sent to goalkeepers worldwide that you are not important.

“That is why I am so passionate and have been desperate to change that narrative. Big businesses don’t do enough in my opinion.”

This Saturday Earps will take to the field at Brisbane Stadium in Australia when England face Haiti in their first match of the World Cup.

The duel with the Group D minnows comes almost a year after she became the first England keeper to lift a Women’s Euros trophy

Other women’s national sides whose official goalkeeper shirts do not appear to be available for sale via their merchandise stores include the United States and Brazil

The national kit for the four-time World Cup-winning USA is also produced by Nike who were contacted for comment.

Earps added: “I think [discussions with other federations] may happen post-World Cup. I would love to hear their views.”

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