I’m the ‘world’s hottest truck driver’ – I make £60k a year but only work for SIX MONTHS

THE self-proclaimed world’s hottest truck driver has revealed how she makes £60,000 working just six months a year.

Ashlea, from Perth, Australia, took to TikTok to explain her unusual career that sees her take on early starts and gruelling 12-hour shifts.

Ashlea has been dubbed the world’s hottest truck driverInstagram/the_salty_pinup

The Western Australia native says she is living her ‘dream life’Instagram/the_salty_pinup

Working as a fly-in fly-out (FIFO) driver at the Pilbara Mines in remote Western Australia, her shift pattern is an intensive 14 days on followed by 14 days off.

When she’s on the clock, she wakes up at 4am to spend most of her day transporting rubble and heavy goods, but during her two-week breaks she loves to travel and treat herself.

And she certainly can with her salary of AUS$120,000, which is around £60,000.

Despite her job, Ashlea doesn’t fit the often unfair stereotype of truck drivers, with her social media revealing her glam style and passion for fitness.

In a TikTok clip she said: “I have an awesome life.

“I do a two-and-two roster, so every month I have two weeks off, so that gives me plenty of time to do some really awesome things.

“I make it a priority in my life to do super cool s***.

“I’m always going to events, I’m always partying, I’m always travelling, I’m always eating out, I’m just doing everything that I love to do.”

She added that the fact that she has no children and is “single by choice” help her in being able to live life on her own terms.

However, she didn’t always have such a sweet deal.

When she started out as a “greenie” (or trainee driver) she made around £18 an hour, but that has now increased to £29.

She also has all her flights, accommodation and meals paid for while on the job and receives bonuses each year.

Commenters were left astonished by her unique lifestyle.

One wrote: “Wow I’m a midwife and we get nowhere near that – I might change.”

Another said: “You seriously inspire me.

“I’ve wanted to work in mining since I was little but didn’t because I thought it was only for men.”

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Working two weeks on, two weeks off, she still rakes in £60,000 a yearInstagram/the_salty_pinup

During her time off, she loves to travel and eat outInstagram/the_salty_pinup

Commenters were stunned by her unique lifestyleInstagram/the_salty_pinup

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