ALGON President Receives Forbes Award

Eminent Nigerians, including former Commissioner for Budget and Planning in Edo State, Hon. Dr. Lawrence Aghedo and Dr. Bamidele Joseph, have joined other well-wishers in congratulating Hon. Kolade Alabi David, the President of ALGON, on receiving the Foreign Investment of Network (FIN) African knowledge of Forbes Best of African Award of Excellence. They also described Alabi’s achievement as outstanding and inspiring.

In a statement signed by Hon. Dr. Lawrence Aghedo and Dr. Bamidele Joseph in Lagos State on Wednesday, they expressed their admiration saying, “this award is also a recognition of Alabi’s unparalleled leadership, unwavering character, courage, and resilience. His visionary thinking and commitment to the community have finally paid off.”

They hailed Alabi’s exceptional leadership skills, emphasizing his ability to guide and inspire those around him. While also praising his strong moral compass, integrity, and high ethical standards in both his professional and personal life, they admitted that these have earned him the trust and respect of his peers and constituents.

According to the statement, “Alabi has demonstrated remarkable courage in the face of challenges and adversity, taking bold steps and making tough decisions to overcome obstacles and achieve his goals. This award is a recognition of his dedication to serving the community through his relentless efforts in spearheading impactful projects, focusing on socio-economic development and citizen welfare”.

The duo of Hon. Dr. Lawrence Aghedo and Dr. Bamidele Joseph also emphasized Hon. Kolade Alabi’s forward-thinking mindset and his ability to envision a better future. They commended his strategic planning and implementation of innovative ideas that bring about positive transformation and progress.

They said, “the FIN/Forbes Award of Excellence signifies admiration and appreciation for Alabi’s exceptional qualities, leadership abilities, and commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of people within ALGON and beyond”.

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