World’s sexiest powerlifter ‘Little Beast’ shows off her bum in skintight shorts as fans call her ‘absolutely insane’

THE world’s sexist powerlifter left fans hot under the collar with her latest Instagram post.

Hikaru Komiyama, also known as Ru or Little Beast, has gained an army of followers on social media. Beast showed off her bum in skintight shorts[/caption] took to Instagram to reveal her latest feat[/caption] a later mirror selfie gave fans another angle[/caption]

Users have flocked to her accounts to witness her extraordinary weightlifting feats and her gyrating dance videos.

And her latest Instagram post – where she has 538,000 followers – was about the former.

Little Beast took to the social media platform to reveal how she now felt far more comfortable lifting a 300lbs barbell, showing off her bum in skintight lycra shorts in the process.

Two snaps in the post also showed her taking a pair of mirror selfies, providing fans with a different angle.

Fans rushed to the comments in reaction, with one saying: “Wow impressive!! .”

A second commented: “You ain’t no joke in the gym .”

“Strong mami,” declared a third.

A fourth reacted: “You are so amazing!!! I love you!!!.” snap saw her strike a pose for the camera[/caption] Beast has 538,000 followers on Instagram and over two million on TikTok[/caption]

While a fifth added: “Absolutely insane.”

A later post saw the fitness guru strike an up-front pose for the camera before turning her head to look away from the camera. Komiyama is also known as Ru[/caption] is often seen in steamy dance videos[/caption]

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