We converted a rusty metal storage tank into a tiny home – it’s amazing how light and airy we’ve made it

A BROTHER duo turned a grimy old industrial tank into the luxury rural getaway of their dreams.

Taimoor and Rehan Nana, from Kansas City, Missouri, turned the abandoned grain silo into a glamorous woodland retreat.

FYINetworkThe Nana brothers constructed their astounding tiny home with friend Kyle[/caption]

And the result is an airy home, complete with a glass-walled bedroom opening onto a luscious green forest and a fully-functional kitchen.

The sunlit lodge even has a breakfast bar, sitting room, and a large outdoor porch – with an impressive fire pit.

With the help of builder friend Kyle Davis, Taimoor and Rehan began the tiny home on a plot of land in Missouri countryside.

They sliced open the sides of the rusted tank to make an entrance and patio-area – adding sliding glass doors to keep the unbeatable woodland view.

And they painted the previously copper-coloured interior a soothing white, to make the tiny home even brighter.

With a platform bed and a leather sofa, the unique build prioritises luxury and comfort in its cosy surroundings.

The Nana brothers told Living In A Tiny website: “Our style is minimalist and emphasizes the functionality of Scandinavian style.

“It is extremely important to create a space where the occupants of a tiny house can feel comfortable.”

The pair, who say they are “working to find the interesting parts of life through building“, even launched a TV show after the remarkable 2017 conversion – as experts on HGTV‘s Bizarre Builds.

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FYINetworkThe industrial tank has become a swanky hideaway, with a sprawling patio and firepit[/caption]

FYINetworkThis platform bed is situated in a serene white-walled room, looking onto a forest[/caption]

FYINetworkThe tiny home has a dinky breakfast bar featuring wood-panelled counters[/caption]

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