Terrifying moment massive shark bites and deflates boat full of tourists as screams ring out

THIS hair-raising video shows the moment a shark rips a bite out of a boat full of tourists.

The fearless predator took a chunk out of the inflatable vessel – deflating it as those onboard screamed.

CatersThis is the moment a shark goes straight for the hull of this small boat[/caption]

CatersDolphins swam away from the shark as it stalked beneath the surface[/caption]

The creature emerged from the depths to terrorise Emily Cehrs and her friends on a boat trip off the coast of Chintsa East, South Africa.

The group had gone out on the water hoping to catch sight of the sardine run – the time of year in which fish migrate south.

But the surge of fish attracted some more menacing wildlife, including the daredevil shark.

The group confronted the killing machine when their boat passed above a bait ball – a spherical formation fish make in a last-ditch bid for survival when threatened by a predator.

But being up close and personal with nature landed the group in peril, when the menacing shark raced to the surface to sink its teeth into the boat.

In a horrifying video, the boat rocks violently as the waves surge and fish pass underneath.

A shark then takes a pop at the boat – as people let out horrified screams and point frantically at the water.

The clip then cuts to show quick-thinking crew working to reinflate the boat in a battle to keep it seaworthy.

Thankfully, the boat made it back to shore – moving slowly to avoid sinking.

According to LadBible, Cehrs said: “During the sardine run, you can see so much wildlife including whales, dolphins, penguins and sharks.

“However, this time, a shark got slightly too close for comfort.

“It deflated our boat and we were all a little worried that the whole boat would sink.

“Luckily only a small portion deflated and we were able to motor back to shore.”

She added: “Despite the worrying moment, it was amazing seeing the chaos of the sardine run.”

The encounter comes after a Great White stalked three surfers at an elite competition.

The 10ft beast sniffed its way towards competitors in the Corona Open-J Bay surfing championship in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa – the scene of a spine-chilling attack only years earlier.

But have no fear – shark analyst Ralph Collier recently spoke to The Sun about his top tips for avoiding shark attacks.

Ralph tells holidaymakers to avoid wearing glittering jewellery and brightly coloured swimsuits on holiday – which could resemble fish to a shark.

CatersPeople pointed and looked out desperately over the sea as the shark rammed the boat[/caption]

CatersLuckily people onboard worked quickly to prevent their boat sinking[/caption]

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