Tennis star slammed for ‘disgusting’ act that sees opponent RETIRE in floods of tears

TENNIS star Amarissa Kiara Toth was embroiled in a cheat storm after a shocking act of gamesmanship led to opponent Zhang Shuai retiring in a flood of tears.

Toth and Shuai were battling it out in the Round of 32 at the Hungarian Open on Tuesday when the “disgusting” incident occurred at 5-5 in the opening set.

Zhang Shuai was left incensed by her opponents lack of gamesmanship

Amarissa Kiara Toth had wiped away a mark where the ball had landed upon a challenge

Shuai remonstrated with the umpire after the actRex

Chinese player Shuai, 34, had challenged a call from a line judge that one of her balls was out.

Due to the absence of line technology, she had consequently asked the umpire to come and take a look at where the ball had hit the court in order to determine the outcome.

However, before the official could get there, 20-year-old Toth walked over to where the mark was and proceeded to rub the mark away with her foot.

An animated Shuai blasted Toth’s stunning act, asking why she would do that, with the Hungarian replying: “Because you’re making problems, that’s why.”

A spectator could then be heard from the crowd yelling “time violation” during Shuai’s protest, with Toth seen laughing at this comment.

Shuai would go on to win the game but was the subject of heavy booing from the crowd.

However, with emotions running high, she eventually retired from the match in a flood of tears.

And Shuai went to shake the hand of the umpire and her opponent, Toth then unceremoniously celebrated the retirement of Shuai in front of her – an act widely condemned by peers and fans alike.


Boos from the crowd eventually saw Shuai go on to retire in tears

With Toth adding insult to injury as she celebrated the so-called win

Following the incident, Shuai called out the behaviour on Twitter, saying: “All efforts on practice was wrong , because when you wanted hitting closer to the line , even touched the line still OUT …..

“I love you guys and all girls who supporting me and standing my side.”

Reacting to the incident, Australian doubles player Ellen Perez wrote on Twitter: “Well that’s a quick way to lose respect from your peers.

“I’m actually shook by the level of disrespect from this girl. If I see this girl tomorrow I will tell her how disgusted I am.”

Aussie doubles great Rennae Stubbs said: “And that umpire needs to find another job ASAP! She also should be getting hammered for this.”

One fan declared: “I would so throw the racket at her like she’s disgusting.”

A second commented: “What a lack of respect and ethics.”

Meanwhile, a third added: “Amarissa Kiara Tóth – remember her name, absolute little cheat .

“How is she allowed to get away with that sort of gamesmanship?! WTA fans have a long memory and won’t forget… .”

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