Suella orders review into Whitehall wokery after Nigel Farage claimed his bank account was closed because of his views

SUELLA Braverman has ordered a probe into Home Office wokery amid concerns workplace diversity rules are promoting cancel culture.

The Home Secretary today slammed “much of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion industry” as having a “sinister nature”.

AlamySuella Braverman has ordered a probe into Whitehall wokery[/caption]

It comes as bombshell documents last night revealed Nigel Farage’s friendship with Donald Trump and attacks on the King led to his bank account being shut down.

The ex-Brexit Party boss said Coutts closed his account for political reasons, even though he had the required cash.

He claimed they said he had shown “commentary and behaviours that do not align with the bank’s purpose and values”.

At least 36 pages of background briefings show the bank went to huge lengths to find reasons to cut off his account – trying to link him to Russia and climate change denial.



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A Coutts spokesperson said: “Our ability to respond is restricted by our obligations of client confidentiality.

“Decisions to close accounts are not taken lightly and take into account a number of factors including commercial viability, reputational considerations, and legal and regulatory requirements.

“As the client has previously confirmed, alternative banking arrangements have been offered within the wider group.”

This morning an outraged Suella Braverman blasted the alleged scandal.

She said: “The Coutts scandal exposes the sinister nature of much of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion industry.

“Apparently anyone who wants to control our borders and stop the boats can be branded ‘xenophobic’ and have their bank account closed in the name of ‘inclusivity’.

“Natwest and other corporates who have naively adopted this politically biased dogma need a major rethink.

Ms Braverman confirmed a probe into woke culture at the Home Office will now be carried out.

A source close to the Home Secretary told The Sun: “The Home Secretary recently ordered a review of all diversity and inclusion policies in the Home Office.

“Much of it is toxic, highly contested and shouldn’t be distracting from the department’s core missions of stopping the boats, tackling crime and keeping our people safe.”

At PMQs Rishi Sunak hit out at banks for penalising customers over their political opinions.

He told a packed-out Commons chamber: “It wouldn’t be right if financial services were being denied to anyone exercising their right to lawful free speech.

“We are in the process of cracking down on this practice by tightening the rules around account closures.”

Energy Secretary Grant Shapps similarly blasted Coutts, describing its treatment of Mr Farage as “absolutely disgraceful”.

“I don’t have to agree with everything Nigel Farage says to recognise that free speech is a very important part of our domestic life,” he told Sky News.

“People shouldn’t have their bank accounts closed because of their political or any other view.

“And banks shouldn’t be refusing to open accounts on that basis as well.”

The Energy Secretary said he’s prepared to introduce new laws if necessary to stop the move from happening again.

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