Nigerian man goes blind temporarily while attempting to break Guinness World Record

A Nigerian man, Tembu Ebere, claims he went temporarily blind while attempting to break a Guinness World Record for crying for seven days (100 hours) – Cry-a-thon.

Ebere in an interview published on the website of the British Broadcasting Corporation on Sunday revealed that he went partially blind and lasted for 45 minutes during the challenge.

According to him, during the challenge, he started experiencing headaches and had a swollen face and puffy eyes with the ultimate being the 45 minutes of blindness, after Hilda Baci, to be celebrated for their Guinness World Record Feat.

Ebere, who seemed unrelenting, while speaking of his determination to cry for one week nonstop, said, “I had to re-strategise and reduce my wailing.”

A few days back in a viral post accompanied by a flyer on social media, Ebere indicated his interest to embark on seven days of non-stop cry-a-thon challenge.

Recall that another DGR contender, Joyce Ijeoma, also experienced exhaustion and collapsed during her attempt to carry out a 72-hour longest body massage in the Lekki area of the State.

PUNCH Healthwise in a report with the headline, ‘Cook-a-thon: What Hilda Baci should do after ‘marathon cooking’ – Physician’, published days after the chef embarked on the “longest cooking marathon by an individual’, to break advised her to take adequate rest after the contest.

The sociology graduate from Madonna University, Okija, broke the record after superseding the current world record holder, Lata Tondon, an Indian chef, who achieved the feat in 2019 with 87 hours, 45 minutes record uninterrupted cooking.

A public health physician, Dr. Olaposi Olatoregun said,  has advised the Nigerian chef, Hilda Effiong Bassey, popularly known as Hilda Baci, noting that prolonged standing can cause muscle strain, leg cramps, and physical distress, also said that the chef should engage in regular checkups to prevent future health challenges.

He advised anyone planning to embark on the same journey with Baci, to stay hydrated, sleep properly before starting, and undergo medical check-ups to ascertain their health status.


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