New Zealand shooting: Two dead as gunman open fires on building site in Auckland

TWO people have died after a gunman opened fire on a building site in Auckland, New Zealand.

Cops have revealed that the male offender has also died, with six people including police officers left injured.

APTwo civilians have died after a gunman opened fire in New Zealand[/caption]

ReutersThe area has been cordoned off while cops investigate the incident[/caption]

The incident unfolded just hours before the Women’s World Cup opening after reports of a person discharging a firearm inside the site on lower Queen Street at around 7.22am local time were made.

A significant number of police responded and cordoned off the area following the incident.

The Police Eagle helicopter was also deployed and provided oversight to the unfolding situation.

Reports state the offender moved through the building site and continued to fire his gun.

New Zealand Police tweeted: “Upon reaching the upper levels of the building, the male has contained himself within the elevator shaft and our staff have attempted to engage with him”.

“Further shots were fired from the male and he was located deceased a short time later.

“Details around what has exactly occurred are still emerging and Police will continue to provide updates around injuries and the circumstances”.

The police are now beginning an investigation into the shooting incident and have placed cordons while urging the public to stay away from the area.

“What has unfolded is understandably alarming and we are reassuring the public that this incident has been contained and is an isolated incident,” they said.

“We can also advise that this is not a national security risk”.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins, has also confirmed that the football tournament will proceed as planned as the incident “appears to be the actions of one individual.”

Speaking now in Parliament Hipkins confirmed the two people killed by the gunman were civillians.

His understanding is that there “was no political or ideological motive for the shooting”, he says, when asked if it was an act of terrorism.

“This is a scary situation for Aucklanders on their Thursday morning commute to work. Please stay at home, avoid travel into the city centre,” Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown wrote in a tweet.

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