Mystery as man’s severed head found dumped in rubbish bin in Brit holiday hotspot in Greece

MYSTERY surrounds the death of a man whose severed head was found in a rubbish bin in a Greek holiday hotspot.

The grim discovery was made by workers at a waste recycling facility in Chania in Crete.

GettyThe man’s severed head was found in Chania in Crete[/caption]

The three men who were working on the waste-sorting conveyor line were left horrified when they came across a black plastic bag containing a human head.

The workers at the recycling plant (DEDISA) later found a pair of legs in a different bag.

According to zarpanews. gr the rubbish truck arrived in Chania from Rethymno.

An investigation into the man’s death has been launched while the area around the facility has been cordoned off.

Authorities are working to find the missing parts of the body.

A medical examiner who arrived at the scene was able to determine that the man had been dead for at least ten days.

DEDISA general manager Kostas Paterakis said: “I was informed by the shift supervisor that a human dismembered corpse was found on the material sorting line.

“The production process was immediately stopped and the Police Directorate of Chania was duly informed.

“There were three workers on the sorting line who brought the human limbs. They all were in a state of shock. Like all of us.

“From our side, we will assist the families of the employees.”

Last month officials made another horror discovery on a different Greek island as the body of a missing hotel worker was discovered in a plastic bag.

Anastasia Patricia-Rubinska, 27, from Poland, had been missing since June 12 until her remains were discovered on Sunday in a salt marsh close to the chief suspect’s home in Kos.

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