Moment Russian ammo dump explodes sending mushroom cloud into the air after Ukrainian strike hits military base

THIS is the moment a major Russian ammunition depot explodes sparking a massive mushroom smoke cloud into the air.

Dramatic footage shows a huge fireball at the Starokrymsky military training ground in the eastern part of annexed Crimea after suspected Ukrainian strikes.

The attack sparked a huge mushroom smoke cloudEast2West

East2WestA huge explosion was heard at the Starokrymsky military training ground[/caption]

East2WestA major Russian ammunition depot was hit in a suspected Ukrainian strike[/caption]

Residents from four villages in the area were evacuatedEast2West

The incessant explosions could be heard from at least 13 miles away and continued for more than five hours. 

Local reports suggested up to three aerial strikes on a “warehouse” at the military training zone, after which the explosions and flames spread.

According to the Ukrainian channel Crimean Wind, the blast left people dead and “many” wounded but Russian-appointed head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov denied there were any casualties.

Some 2,250 people from four settlements near the Starokrymsky military training ground were evacuated.

The villages were named Krynichki, Aivazovskoye, Abrikosovka and Privetnoye.

Evacuees were moved by buses amid fears their homes could be hit by exploding shells. 

“It’s scene from the apocalypse,” said a passing driver.

The Crimean Wind channel suggested that the strike could have been by a UK-supplied Storm Shadow or the French version of the missile known as SCALP, which Paris recently agreed to supply.

Or perhaps by a Ukrainian Grom-2.

“If this is true, then the news for the Russians is quite bad,” it said.

“The launch range of Storm Shadow missiles for such an attack should be more than 250 km [155 miles]… the maximum range of the Storm Shadow missiles that the UK supplied Ukraine.

“However, we have no data on the range of SCALP missiles from France yet.

“If the information is confirmed, then the entire peninsula, including the Crimean bridge, [could be targeted].”

The main Tavrida Highway – linking to the Crimean Bridge hit on Monday by Ukrainian marine drones – was closed by the occupying Russian army.

Aksyonov said: “The causes of the fire at the training ground in the Kirovsky district will be established by the investigating authorities.

“There were no casualties.”

“The evacuees are provided with assistance. People in temporary accommodation centres will be provided with everything necessary.

“The liquidation of the consequences [of the explosions] will be carried out as soon as possible…

“Please keep calm and trust only official sources of information.”

Earlier this week, two massive explosions on Vladimir Putin’s beloved Crimea Bridge left two dead.

Two blasts rang out on the 12-mile crossing in the early hours of Monday morning as hordes of motorists travelled across it.

The explosions came as Russia launched a blistering attack on Odessa for the second consecutive night.

A video showed a launch of an Onyx missile – with a range of up to 500 miles – from Cossack Bay in Sevastopol.

It comes as Russia launched an intense series of night-time air attacks sending drones and missiles toward places across Ukraine, including Kyiv.

Ukrainian officials said Russian forces targeted the southern port city of Odesa for a second night in a row hitting a port oil depot while Shkolny military airfield was also targeted.

Odesa’s regional governor Oleh Kiper said the details of the damage and possible casualties following Russia’s powerful attack in the region would be provided later.

He added that Russia also attacked Kyiv with Iranian-made Shahed drones but with no result.

The Ukrainian General Staff reported that at night the country was attacked by 6 Kalibr cruise missiles and 35 drones.

A day earlier Russia had attacked alleged drone-making facilities in Odessa to “avenge” the Crimean Bridge attack.

All missiles and 31 attack drones were shot down, claimed the Ukrainians.

Head of the Kyiv City Military Administration Serhii Popko said it is a difficult night of air attacks for all of Ukraine.

In Ukraine’s Zhytomyr region, Russian drone attacks damaged some infrastructure and private homes, according to regional governor Vitalii Bunechko.

Officials in the Ukrainian regions of Poltava and Kirovohradskyi also reported attacks.

The Ukrainian Air Force reported that the military intercepted 13 out of 16 Kalibr cruise missiles, 23 out of 32 fired Shahed-drones, and one Kh-59 missile.

According to the report, Russia also fired 8 cruise missiles Kh-22 and 6 high-precision Oniks missiles, with the Oniks missiles directed at infrastructure in the Odesa region.

Putin’s Crimean Bridge was rocked by explosions on Monday

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