Mario DJ dead at 41 – José Mario Duarte shot dead by furious partygoer after ‘he refused song request in nightclub’

A FURIOUS partygoer reportedly gunned down a DJ after he refused to play a song he requested in a club.

José Mario Duarte, 41, was shot dead in Pirapetinga, Brazil, shortly after finishing his set in the early hours at a bustling local bar.

NewsflashJosé Mario Duarte was shot dead after reportedly refusing a song request[/caption]

PMMG/DisclosureThe DJ was dragged from his home by thugs and executed in a rural area in Brazil[/caption]

The musician, known as Mario DJ, had been in charge of the tunes at a party on Sunday while crowds of revellers danced the night away.

He had shared an Instagram post inviting his pals to Bar do Branco, promising he would be “playing only the best.”

But not everyone was ready for the bash to end when José played his final song and a group of men began badgering him to continue.

They pestered the DJ to stick on another tune and tensions soon began to flare when he refused their song request.

Witnesses told how the gang began arguing with the up-and-coming artist, before he left the venue to head home a short time later.

On his way back to his property in Santo Antonio de Padua, at least two of the men followed him before ambushing the DJ in the dark.

José was horrifically dragged from his home at gunpoint and reportedly taken to a remote area of Alto do Morro by the thugs.

He was then shot dead following the music row.

Other partygoers later identified one of the suspects who they had spotted at the party arguing with the DJ to police.

They told cops the man had warned them he would kill them if they dared to report him.

The suspect had fled towards Minas, but was apprehended by officers in Estrela Dalva.

One of his pals who was hiding at the same address was also detained.

Police later announced that a third man had been arrested in connection with the murder at an undisclosed location.

The investigation continues.

NewsflashEyewitnesses said José, 41, had been arguing with a group of men in the nightclub[/caption]

NewsflashThe up-and-coming DJ was allegedly killed by partygoers[/caption]

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