Inside Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie’s glam £6BILLION life as she sails world in £240million superyacht

WALMART heiress Nancy Walton Laurie has used her grocery billions to create a life of astonishing luxury.

She and her ex-basketball star husband sail the world in a £240million superyacht – when not staying at one of their collection of mansions across the US.

SplashThe billionaire has a host of properties to choose from[/caption]

@FuturoVegetal/NewsflashThe super yacht Kaos was vandalised this week in Spain[/caption]

Nancy gained her fortune after her father Bud Walton co-founded the massive Walmart empire.

Upon his death, she and her sister inherited his billions and got richer as the empire grew.

One of Nancy’s properties is a massive Bel-Air mansion, which she built buy buying a few neighbouring properties and joining them together.

She spent a whopping £46million perfecting the property between 2001 and 2022.

The sprawling grounds feature a swimming pool, a main house and other guest buildings, along with tennis courts – a property fit for the Walmart princess.

According to the Center for Investigative Reporting, Walton uses “at least 2.3 million gallons per year” to water her Bel Air estate.

The heiress also owns a stunning ranch style property in Columbia, Missouri, as well as houses in her native Nevada, where she resides with husband Bill Laurie.

Her multi-million pound super yacht was spotted sailing through the Thames earlier this year.

Super yacht Kaos is worth an estimated £241million, with a stunning interior, fit with a full swimming pool, dining area and room for a smaller boat.

The lounge area has gold ceilings, with dark wood features and marble bathrooms.

It’s no surprise the Walmart heiress opts for luxury – as she’s worth an estimated £6billion.

This week, the massive yacht was vandalised by eco warriors after docking in Ibiza.

Shocking video footage of the vandalism shows the stern of the vessel – named Kaos – being spattered with red and black paint as deckhands try to hose it off.

The activists then held up a sign saying “You Consume Others Suffer” before they can been seen being spoken to by a security guard.

In addition to owning her massive properties, she uses her riches for philanthropy.

Nancy owns the Columbia Performing Arts Centre in Ohio, and has donated millions to her alma mater, the University of Missouri.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Lauries have also made donations to cancer research centres, shelters for abused women and a children’s hospital.

Laurie is the youngest daughter of Bud Walton, who’s brother Sam began what would become the world’s largest retail store.

The first-ever Walmart store opened in July 1962 in Arkansas, and the heirs own around 50 percent of the stock collectively.

Also that year, the Walton family took a huge financial hit after Walmart’s share price plummeted by 10 percent in 2022.

The fall in shares due to the company’s sale of its operations in the UK and Japan and a cut in profit expectations, saw the heirs lose over $27billion.

Its founder and his wife Helen Walton had four children – Rob, John, Jim, and Alice.

John passed away in 2005 in a plane crash but the three surviving siblings remain billionaires.

SplashThe heiress lives a life of luxury[/caption]

Super Yacht TimesHer super yacht Kaos comes with a helipad and multiple floors[/caption]

AlamyHer super yacht is worth hundreds of millions[/caption]

WikipediaThe Bel Air property owned by Nancy covers hundreds of acres[/caption]

WikipediaTheir Colombia, Missouri land is massive[/caption]

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