Hotel worker dies during horror botched nose job after metal clamp gets lodged in his brain

A YOUNG hotel worker tragically died after part of a clamp allegedly ended up in his brain during a nose job.

Luis Fernando Dávila Castañeda was declared brain dead in hospital following the rhinoplasty procedure at a private clinic in Peru.

Jam PressLuis Fernando Dávila Castañeda tragically died during the procedure[/caption]

Jam PressAn x-ray revealed a clamp left in his brain[/caption]

An x-ray revealed a small metal clamp seen in his brain tissue, as doctors revealed he suffered irreversible brain damage.

The victim, who worked as the manager of the nearby Hotel Boca Raton, was taken to the Hospital EsSalud after falling ill.

Castañeda’s boss at the hotel said he contacted the hospital after realising the procedure had lasted longer than planned.

After carrying out a thorough examination, doctors are said to have discovered a foreign object lodged in the man’s brain.

Castañeda passed away in intensive care on July 7, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation.

The victims uncle Héctor Quintana said: “We want justice.

“We hope the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office will thoroughly investigate the matter to determine who is responsible.”

The victim’s family has filed a complaint with the authorities, accusing the clinic of negligence.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation.

The Peruvian National Police reportedly carried out checks at the clinic and tried to interview surgeon Carlos Larios Villasis, but he was away on business at the time.

The victim’s family has claimed the clinic hung up after they kept asking questions about his death.

Earlier this year, a woman died only hours after a routine nose job went wrong and left her lungs “full of blood”.

The psychology student from Colombia, South America fell unconscious soon after she arrived home from the surgery on January 29.

After her family revived her they rushed her to hospital where she suffered several cardiac arrests – which is what happens when the heart stops pumping.

Another woman lost both of her legs after an infection from a botched nose job “rotted them from inside out”.

Sevinc Ceklik, 31, was only 25-years-old when she decided to go under the knife to have a nose reduction surgery at a private hospital in Istanbul.

After the surgery, her legs then turned black, forcing her to be hospitalised in a critical condition where emergency doctors diagnosed her with blood poisoning.

Jam PressThe small dot appeared on the x-ray, and turned out to be the culprit[/caption]

Jam PressLuis worked at a nearby hotel[/caption]

Jam PressThe man’s family is are searching for answers after the tragedy[/caption]

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