Conor McGregor looks nervous as he lets Ultimate Fighter contestant drive his Lamborghini in ‘surreal’ moment

CONOR McGREGOR could not hide his nerves as he allowed an Ultimate Fighter contestant to drive his Lamborghini.

The Irishman, 35, struggled as team coach at the MMA competition.

Twitter @Ultimate Fighter/UFCConor McGregor gave Rico DiSciullo the chance to drive his Lamborghini[/caption]

But Rico DiSciullo came to the rescue by stunning Hunter Azure – preventing Michael Chandler’s side from winning all eight quarter-final fights.

DiSciullo produced a wonderful performance, knocking out Azure with a brilliant flurry.

McGregor hailed his “superstar” amid the wild celebrations.

And the following day in practice, DiSciullo took full advantage after finding favour with the two-weight UFC world champ.

He jokingly asked McGregor: “When are you letting me take the Lambo for a ride?”

And the generous coach replied: “Do you wanna have a rip of it? No problem!

“The Lambo? Ah but sure if you want to. Have you ever driven one before? Wanna give it a go, have a little spin around?”

DiSciullo, 36, confirmed he hadn’t but McGregor swiftly handed over the keys to the shocked Boston star, who got in alongside the Notorious and put his seatbelt on before driving the stunning supercar around for a brief spin.


McGregor – sporting a new look these days – said afterwards: “He took off in the thing.

“I was a little bit nervous as well because I don’t know whether he can drive or not.

“I just said, ‘Yeah, let’s go! Let’s have a buzz. Great win!’”

DiSciullo added: “He just gave me the keys and I was a little shellshocked. I thought he was going to let me step in it, sit in it and turn it on.

“It was just a really cool, surreal moment. One of those moments you dream about.”

McGregor has a stunning car collection worth a whopping £2.5million.

It includes a stunning McLaren 650S, a pair of Lamborghinis and even two Rolls-Royces.

He also has a Lamborghini yacht – one of just 63 made in the world – which set him back £2.7m.

Away from sport, McGregor was forced to flee a family funeral after a brawl broke out.

The fighter had been mourning the death of aunt Pamela in Merseyside when police were called to the pub he was in.

Twitter @Ultimate Fighter/UFCMcGregor was feeling generous after a win at Ultimate Fighter[/caption]

Refer to CaptionMcGregor has a stunning car collection worth £2.5m[/caption]

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