Terrifying moment tourists in swimsuits flee as gunman open fires on Costa del Sol restaurant packed with holidaymakers

TOURISTS in a Brit holiday hot spot fled in terror after a gunman opened fire in a crowded restaraunt.

A gunman fired two shots in the eatery near Cristamar Shopping Centre, in Pueto Banus, Costa del Sol, before fleeing.

SolarpixA gunman shot in a crowded shopping area before fleeing[/caption]

SolarpixTourists were seen fleeing the area in terror[/caption]

Holiday makers in swimsuits were seen running away following the harrowing incident.

The man appeared to hold an automatic weapon, and fired two shots near a crowded restaraunt.

The National Police have opened an enquiry to find the suspect, after receiving calls around 6pm this evening.

No injuries have been reported, and the gunman remains at large.

No arrests have been made following the incident.

Last year, a club in Marbella was the scene of a bloodbath after a gunman opened fire indoors.

The shooting is believed to have occurred during a fight between two groups of revellers in a VIP area of the beach club at around 1am.

One could be seen grabbing a large bottle while others took their shirts off as if they were preparing for a punch-up.

SolarpixThe man fled the scene shortly after[/caption]

SolarpixPolice are searching for him[/caption]

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