Shocking moment yachtie is floored with flying kick by furious husband for pushing his wife on tourist beach

THIS is the moment a furious husband drop-kicked a wealthy yachtie who pushed his wife in an explosive row on the sand in Sardinia.

The unidentified Italian bloke became embroiled in a shocking beach brawl shortly after the flashy skipper barged on shore in a motor boat.

CENThe Italian man delivered a spectacular drop-kick and sent the yachtie flying[/caption]

The pair became embroiled in a fiery brawl along the shorelineCEN

Video shows a high-powered vessel approaching the shoreline at the Cala Lunga Beach, much to the displeasure of sun worshippers.

Despite there being no designated boating lane on the beach and a host of marine life in the shallow waters, the boat continued to roll in.

Swimmers were seen hastily trying to dodge the vessel as it approached the shoreline to pick up a gang of wealthy tourists.

The holidaymakers – believed to be Russian – were waiting to be ferried back to their mega yacht on the idyllic white sand beach.

The problematic pick-up spot sparked fury among locals as youngsters were forced to flee the water.

A crowd of disgruntled beachgoers then gathered to voice their anger to the approaching yachtie who was helping the group get back on the boat.

As he attempted to divert the mob to stop them from obstructing the dinghy’s route, he was swarmed by several irritated beachgoers.

The yachtie then made a beeline for a woman in a bikini, before appearing to push her and jab his finger at her.

Cries of outrage can be heard, which quickly change to gasps of surprise when her husband valiantly swooped in seconds later.

The man, wearing a white t-shirt and patterned shorts, sprints through the shallow water and delivers an extraordinary drop-kick.

The bemused wetsuit-clad yachtie crumples with the sheer force of the epic martial arts move and then lands himself in a headlock.

The pair then proceed to tussle along the shore while the husband lands a series of powerful punches in support of his spouse.

He can be heard furiously shouting: “You shoved my wife!”

The man was eventually dragged off his rival by locals, leaving the tourists awkwardly trying to escape by clambering onto the dinghy.

Their exit was met by jeers and taunts by beachgoers, who erupted in applause as the vessel sailed away to the safety of the superyacht.

Resort manager Francesco Vittiello told local media: “Unfortunately I have to note a particular rudeness on the part of foreign tourists.

“Too often the English, Germans and French arrive in our sea and do not respect the rules.

“Monitoring almost 200 kilometres of coast in La Maddalena is not easy.”

We previously told how beachgoers battered each other with umbrellas and used windsurfing poles “as weapons” during a brawl on a Belgian beach.

Sunseekers clashed with cops and lifeguards at the Blankenberge beach after a row erupted with a group of around 40 youngsters.

CENThe battered bloke is said to have pushed and prodded the man’s wife[/caption]

CENSwimmers were forced to dodge the vessel at Cala Lunga Beach[/caption]

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