I’m an England star and here’s what I’ve packed in my bag for the World Cup – but I need some lash tips in Australia

HAVE you ever wondered what a potential World Cup winner takes with her to the other side of the globe?

Well, England hopeful Katie Zelem has let the cat out of the bag.

PAKatie Zelem (right) has revealed to SunSport what is in her bag for the World Cup[/caption]

GettyZelem will keep her eye on the ball in Australia[/caption]

InstagramZelem on holiday – but it will be all work for the midfielder Down Under[/caption]

Here, the Manchester United midfielder talks SunSport through her World Cup preparations Down Under — from false eyelash appointments to board games.

SO Katie, it is your first World Cup and major tournament, how did the packing go?

“I always leave it to the last minute. I write lists for everything. Everyone laughs at me because I’m like, ‘Don’t worry girls, I’ll write a list’ and then I tick everything off.”

WHAT was the weirdest thing that went in the suitcase?

“I’m a heavy over-packer. If anyone needs anything, they come to me because I’ve probably got it.  I’d say an Amazon Fire Stick. It’s a long time out there, we need something to keep us entertained.”

BOX sets or films in the suitcase?

“I’m actually doing a Masters in sports business, so I need to do some lectures.  I’ve packed lots of books and highlighters, I love a bit of colour co-ordination!”

WHAT about the beauty side of things, lashes and nails?


“My nails needed an in-fill, so I left it until the last day to try and do as much beauty maintenance as I could. Any good lash tips here in Australia, please hook me up as I’m going to need a good in-fill!”

ANYTHING in the suitcase related to a pre-game ritual?

“I always wear the same sports bra and knickers — you’ve probably heard this so many times but we wash them! 

“I always put my right shin pad on before my left and my right boot first.”

WHAT have you packed to pass the time?

“Someone said this makes us sound like old women but we like to play board games.

“We played a game called Partners.  We played it at United and now we’re slowly teaching everyone here.

“You’ve got four players so if someone doesn’t want to play you have to recruit someone in. We like to play cards, too.”

FAVOURITE card games?

“Trump and s**thead!”

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COFFEE or tea in the suitcase?

“I’m not a coffee drinker and I don’t like tea, so I’m out of the Lionesses coffee club. Ellie Roebuck replaced Jill Scott as the club’s leader. She loves her coffee art, making hearts and leaves.”

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