I’m a mum & I turned my Airbnb side hustle into £1.7million business – it all started with a present from my neighbour

A MUM has told how she turned her Airbnb side hustle into a £1.7million company.

Jamie Inlow’s booming business began with a present from her neighbour back in 2019.

jamiesinlowJamie Inlow, right, started a side hustle out of a barn in 2016[/caption]

The 36-year-old had been chatting to her neighbour about his unused barn in Scottsville, Virginia, United States, when she had the lightbulb idea to turn it into an Airbnb.

She told him if she gave him £1,530 ($2,000) she would transform the upstairs space into an apartment – and they would split the profits from rentals.

She used Facebook Marketplace to furnish the space and launched her own company called Be Still Getaways to manage the listing.

After it started getting busy, Inlow and her neighbor teamed up on another listing.

Keeping the success going, she found another partner for a third rental — splitting the profits the same way.

In 2021, after growing the business to 30 listings, the company brought in £157,224 ($205,000) in revenue – and Jamie paid herself (£7,627) $10,000.

Today the company runs 129 properties in Virginia – and brought in £1.7million ($2.28 million) in revenue last year. 

Jamie told CNBC: “A large part of my success is my demeanor. I consider myself to be an incredibly resilient and ambitious person. It might come across as hyper-fixation, but when I decide to do something, I’m going to do it.

“It’s one of my favorite things about myself. I will keep trying to figure things out until they’re successful. It’s not easy for me to walk away from anything.

She added: “There’s a huge need for short-term rental property managers, so if you want to do it, do it.”

It comes as another woman built a tiny home at the bottom of her garden and turned it into a “very lucrative” side-hustle.

Gill, an almost-retiree from Australia, designed her own adorable house-on-wheels, which is always fully-booked by people who want a taste of the tiny house living.

Set close to the ocean and among the stunning scenery of vineyards, Gill spent £70k building a tiny home to rent out on AirBnb.

The property now brings in a tasty amount of profit for the owner, who says it’s a “very lucrative” side-hustle for her.

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