I live in a CAVE and sleep on piles of hay – here are the VERY dangerous risks

THIS keen outdoorsman sleeps in caves alongside his dog using only dry grass and a blanket to avoid paying rent.

Donny Dust is a wilderness educator who shares his skills on TikTok to help others survive in nature.

TikTok/donnydustThe modern day caveman explained how he makes his shelter[/caption]

TikTok/donnydustThe hay serves an important purpose[/caption]

The outdoors expert showed how he creates a cosy shelter in the wild – but there are important steps to take before hunkering down for the night.

Speaking with his 10million plus TikTok followers, he said: “What you see behind me is a little rock shelter.

“Before I can make it home for tonight, I have to make sure it’s safe.”

Donny first searches for any sign of animal poo to see if a creature has claimed the area as its own.

He also searches for hornets nests and spider webs, both of which could pose a risk.

Donny said: “I also check the ceiling. If I see a bunch of cracks, it could fall on me in the middle of the night and I don’t want to sleep here.

“The best place to look is on the bottom of the rock shelter.”

After ensuring the shelter will hold up through the night, he gathered a bag of dry grass to use as padding.

He explained: “Why don’t I just sleep on my blanket? Well, the blanket is too thin and the ground will suck all the heat out of my body.”

After carefully lying down two layers of dried grass, Donny put down an elk hide to provide extra warmth.

He beamed: “We’re out of the wind and have some overhead cover.

“I utilise what nature provides.”

Viewers were amazed at his ability to create a cosy shelter with so little supplies.

One joked: “If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse I will try to find you, because I know you’ll survive.

Donny replied: “You’re welcome to hang.”

Another said: “You hold so much power and knowledge.”

Last year, survival expert Bear Grylls told The Sun the one crucial rule to follow if you are lost in the wilderness.

“Number one, if somebody is lost… Often people panic and they plow on and they try and make the environment fit what they think they should be seeing. And they make a bad situation much worse,” Bear explained.

“So number one is: stop and just think, take your time just trying to orient yourself and don’t rush into things.”

TikTok/donnydustThe keen outdoors man explained how he finds shelter for the night[/caption]

TikTok/donnydustHe shares the plush bed with his dog[/caption]

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