I bought a locked box from an estate sale and found free money inside… but the other item left me baffled

THIS woman bought a locked box from an estate sale and wasn’t sure what to expect – but what laid inside the box baffled her.

Con shared the moment she and her mum opened the ancient wooden box and found an odd surprise inside.

c_c_g_91After the box was opened, they found something rather odd[/caption]

c_c_g_91Con opened the box to see what was inside[/caption]

Con narrated: “Okay, the big reveal. I have no idea how to open this, so my lovely mama is opening it for me.”

When the box popped open, Con and her mum gasped.

She said: “There it is. Oh my gosh. What is that?”

Hidden in the locked wooden box was a jar filled with marijuana – or “420”, as Con refers to it.

She laughed: “A ten and a five dollar bill. We got our money back!

“When an estate sale find goes great!! This is your sign buy that old box. Buy that lock box no one has opened in fifteen years!”

Viewers of the viral video found the discovery hilarious.

One joked: “So that’s where my jar went!”

Another asked about the drugs inside: “I wonder how ancient that is?”

A renovator who thought it was his lucky day when he discovered £150,000 hidden behind a wall saw his dream find turn into a costly nightmare.

Builder Bob Kitts was renovating the bathroom of a period home close to Lake Erie, Cleveland when he uncovered two mysterious locked boxes suspended by a wire below the medicine cabinet.

Another woman who bought a locked suitcase at an estate sale finally got it open and was amazed at what was inside.

The lady, who goes by the online name of “Mrs Fallout,” filmed herself opening the locked trunk and rummaging around.

In a more horrifying tale, a 3 year old girl was found inside a two foot box after her parents forced her to live inside.

Police officers found the three-year-old curled up inside the two-feet box in a case of child cruelty that has sickened the world.

c_c_g_91She discovered a jar with marijuana still inside[/caption]

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