Gov Fintiri Renames Abuja Road After Mahmud Tukur

Governor of Adamawa State Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has renamed the popular Abuja road, one of the major roads in Yola Town, Yola South Local Government Area of Adamawa State after the late Dr Mahmud Tukur.

The road was renamed during the late Lamido of Adamawa, HRH Aliyu Mustapha days to Lamido Sanda Road from Abuja Road, but has now been formally renamed in favour of Mahmud Tukur.

The late Tukur was a scholar of high repute, a humanist, a Philanthropist, and a Disciplinarian, an elder statesman whose virtues Governor Fintiri remembered and immortalized in a major road in Adamawa State.

The former minister of commerce and Industry during the military regime of former President Muhammadu Buhari died in 2021, in his Abuja residence after a meritorious service to the state and the nation.

The town planner of the Adamawa State Urban and Regional Planning Development Board, Mrs. Alice Ambrose Gombe Yola confirmed the renaming of the road after the Bayero University Kano (BUK) former Vice-Chancellor and said the Abuja Road will now be called Dr Mahmud Tukur Road.

According to her, the late Mahmud Tukur is one of Adamawa‘s Illustrious sons who has left a good legacy in the sands of time adding that immobilizing him will be one of the ways his legacies will never be forgotten.

She commended Governor Ahmadu Fintiri for remembering a man of Mahmud‘s type adding that such a decision is divine and that his administration will be remembered for good.

She praised Governor Fintiri on many of his urban renewal policies and the massive development being carried out in the state.

„Mahmud Tukur is one of the Adamawa sons who was a national leader and immobilizing him is the best way humanity can do for him because it will make people remember him in their daily prayers, and his good legacies will remain fresh in the hearts of people,“ Alice said.


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