‘Glitch in the matrix’ shows woman ‘stuck on a loop’ in eerie video filmed in the street

THIS is the eerie moment a woman was filmed “stuck on a loop” in the middle of a busy street.

The video was posted to TikTok and left stunned viewers claiming it was a real-life “glitch in the Matrix”.

The woman appeared to be taking a selfie on a digital cameraTikTok

But viewers were left stunned when she appeared ‘stuck in a loop’ as she turned the camera back and forthTikTok

Even as the cameraman drove off, the woman continued to take photos

In the 19-second clip, a woman wearing a winter coat and jeans while holding a handbag and facemask can be seen standing beside the back of a car.

She appears to be smiling at a digital camera before turning the device around every few seconds.

The unidentified woman remains in her spot while seemingly taking a photo of herself, but viewers were shocked when they noticed that no other part of her body of face was moving.

Only the woman’s wrist was moving as she flicked the camera back and forth, with her arm staying outstretched in the same position for the entire length of the video.

The woman can be seen grinning into the lens with wide eyes as she appears to be in a never-ending cycle of selfie taking.

The spooked cameraman films the bizarre scene from what looks like a bus window and records the woman “stuck in a loop” until the vehicle drives on and she exits the view.

Racking up a mega 2.2million likes, baffled TikTok users were also quick to leave their theories in the comment section.

One asked: “Is that a real life glitch?”

Another wrote: “This what you call a non-playable character! Everything is a simulation”.

A third said: “The matrix is real”.

A fourth commented: “Simulation crashing”.

One more added: “BUG in the Matrix”.

This comes after a viral TikTok clip that shows a woman “frozen in time” left viewers convinced that the Matrix is real.

The video that has made its rounds on social media shows the woman appearing to be stuck in a walking position in the middle of the street.

And in 2018, bizarre footage emerged of a plane that appeared to be suspended in mid-air.

The real-life optical illusion was captured by baffled motorists just outside Moscow.

The unusual video triggered intense online speculation as to the explanation for the illusion – with many viewers claiming it to be a “glitch in the Matrix”.

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