Chilling moment experts probing death of Egypt shark victim Elisabeth Sauer make an even more shocking discovery

A TEAM of researchers investigating the tragic death of an Austrian tourist were floored when they made an even more horrific discovery.

Elisabeth Sauer, 68, was snorkelling in shallow waters in the Red Sea on July 2, 2022, when she was savagely killed by a tiger shark.

Blood filled the water as she was brutally attacked last yearEast2West

Elisabeth was the first victim discoveredFACEBOOK/The Green Kramsach

In the three days following the attack, authorities sent divers into the water to investigate but found something terrible.

The mutilated remains of another tourist, 44 year old Roxana Donisan, were also found in the waters off of the Egyptian resort.

The Romanian woman hadn’t been seen by hotel staff for less than a day when her body was found.

Shockingly, investigators revealed Roxana’s remains had been “in the water for sometime”.

Investigator Ralph Collier from the Shark Research Institute said scientists had to find out which attack occurred first.

He explained: “Now they had a big jigsaw puzzle they had to put together.

“This was a feeding event. This woman unfortunately was killed and the shark returned on an unknown number of occasions to remove more portions of her in feeding.”

When Roxana was attacked by what is thought to be a tiger shark, there were no witnesses.

The harrowing attacks of the two women happened only a short distance from where a Russian tourist was mauled earlier this summer.

The tourist – believed to be 23 – was on a long stay in Egypt, possibly avoiding conscription to Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

He was named in Russia by Baza news outlet as Vladimir Popov, and had moved to the resort with his father several months ago.

His father was watching the fatal attack as the man desperately shouted “Papa, Papa” as the predator hunted him.

One witness said: “The shark’s eating his remains now, there she is, eating his remains.”

It’s thought the tiger shark responsible for Vladimir’s death had stalked the coast for three days before finally killing.

Another shark expert urged swimmers to stay way from “murky waters” so the sharks can have a clear view of you and do not mistake you for prey.

You should also stay away from areas where there is active fishing – the scent of which may attract them, the expert explained.

These attacks will be investigated in a BBC documentary which airs tonight: “Why Sharks Attack” will air at 8pm on BBC One.

FacebookRoxana’s remains were found in nearby waters[/caption]

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