Benidorm Brits hit the booze by the beach as they defy scorching ‘Charon’ heat storm warnings and soak up 32C sun

BENIDORM Brits have defied warnings and braved the scorching heat storm from hell to booze in the sun.

The slightly sunburnt revellers looked otherwise unaffected by the “Charon” heatwave that hit 32C yesterday as they partied in bikinis and threw the beer back.

SolarpixA relaxed-looking pair enjoyed a cold beer in the Spanish sun[/caption]

SolarpixOther Brits partied on chairs and tables as they soaked up the rays[/caption]

SolarpixSome opted for the shade as the sweltering temperatures hit 32C on Monday[/caption]

SolarpixIt was all fun and games in the resort city despite the fiery heat storm[/caption]

In true British-spirit, nothing was going to ruin these lads and ladies holidays as they battled through the heat in Spain’s eastern coast city known for its nightlife.

Spain’s meteorological agency, AEMET, predicted the sizzling heatwave would reach its peak in Benidorm and the rest of the Alicante region between July 17 – 19.

And yet, these holidaymakers looked ready to paint the town red with buckets full of Corona and sweet-looking cocktails.

They were spotted dancing on tables and partying through the 31C – 32C temperatures that lingered throughout most of yesterday.

Today, AEMET set a yellow alert for high temperatures all over Alicante province for the peak times of 12.20pm to 8.30pm.

Tomorrow the yellow alert will become orange for the southern coast as the mercury could hit 43C.

Nearby, other British tourists are battling a red weather alert in Majorca.

The Spanish resort island is expecting temperatures of up to 43C with tomorrow set to be the hottest day of the year so far.

AEMET issued the red alert, warning of “extreme risk” to health – especially for the elderly, young babies and those with existing illnesses.

The Foreign Office has also warned Brits heading to Europe to take care due to the possible health risks associated with “extreme” heat, particularly in Spain and Greece.

Experts urged tourists and locals to stay hydrated and remain in the shade as a “Charon” heat storm hits resorts around the Med.

Holidaymakers are being advised to avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine as the mercury rises in countries across the Mediterranean.

In some areas, wildfires are raging across the continent as experts fear that the red-hot temperatures could continue for weeks.

Forests are on fire in Spain, Greece, Italy, Switzerland and Turkey, while France, Germany and Poland also prepare for scorching conditions.

Forecasters from the United Nations’ weather agency the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) have warned that the hot weather is expected to persist into the start of August.

The UN agency said the weather – which is refusing to relent even overnight – brings an increased risk of heart attacks and deaths.

Meteorologists said the mercury will soar up to 46C across southern Europe for several days, leaving Brits heading abroad considering how to dodge the sun.

The temperatures are expected to hit their peak this afternoon in Sardinia, Italy.

Weather experts have declared 2023 an El Niño year – a natural phenomenon that occurs cyclically and causes fluctuations in the global climate.

SolarpixThe top boozers soaked up the sun all day[/caption]

SolarpixThe Brits kept the party going despite the heat[/caption]

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