Viral TikTok video showing a woman ‘frozen in time’ in the street is convincing everyone that the Matrix is real

A VIRAL TikTok clip that shows a woman “frozen in time” has left viewers convinced that the Matrix is real.

The video of the unidentified woman has made its rounds on social media after she appeared to be stuck in a walking position in the middle of the street.

The woman was spotted ‘frozen in time’ in a walking position in the middle of the streettiktok/@unknown1575489

The cameraman was stunned when she suddenly started walking agiantiktok/@unknown1575489

In the freaky footage, the camera can be seen pointing to a woman in a black top and white trousers, with someone in the background saying: “Why is she frozen? Bro. I’m tripping”.

With one foot in front of the other, and her arms paused in motion as if they had been swinging by her side, the caption on the viral post read: “She was like that for a minute before”.

Even her long, blonde ponytail seemed to be paused before she suddenly resumed walking again.

The cameraman can be heard saying: “What the f**k?,” as she continued as if nothing had happened.

The spooky video has racked up a mega 5.3million views with stunned followers flocking to the comment section.

One said: “I’m telling you right now, that mfr … that mfr back there is not real”.

Another wrote: “I actually think the matrix is real”.

A third commented: “Glitch in the Matrix”

One more added: “Nah even the hair was frozen”.

“The way the wind isn’t even moving her clothes or hair but it’s all just stuck completely frozen,” said a fifth.

Another chimed in: “Sometimes I think we’ve slipped into a different dimension”.

But this isn’t the first time people have been left questioning whether the Matrix is real.

In 2018, bizarre footage emerged of a plane that appeared to be suspended in mid-air.

The real-life optical illusion was captured by baffled motorists just outside Moscow.

The unusual video triggered intense online speculation as to the explanation for the illusion – with many viewers claiming it to be a “glitch in the Matrix”.

And in April people on social media were left mind-blown when the “mirror reflection” trend went viral on TikTok.

In the puzzling optical illusion video posted online, a bloke held up an egg next to a mirror on the wall.

But viewers were left stunned after he pointed the camera to the mirror as they could still see the reflection of the egg even though it wasn’t in front of the mirror at all.

Despite many saying logically the egg shouldn’t be visible, it was, leaving thousands of people claiming it was “a glitch in the Matrix obviously”, while others said it was just basic physics.

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