Sir Keir Starmer ‘siding with strikers’ as unions give Labour £3.6million in a year

SIR Keir Starmer was last night accused of siding with strikers again — as it emerged unions gave the party £3.6million in a year.

The Labour boss was condemned for taking cash from unions behind crippling walkouts, including in hospitals and on trains.

PASir Keir Starmer was accused of siding with strikers again — as it emerged unions gave the party £3.6million in a year[/caption]

Yesterday Sir Keir refused eight times to say what he would do to sort out the strikes if he were in No 10.

It came as stats revealed Labour accepted tens of thousands of pounds from Unison after the ambulance strikes and thousands more from transport union TSSA after it announced more walkouts.

In the past year, Labour took £51,000 from Aslef, £8,000 from the militant RMT, and nearly £1million from GMB, registered donations show. It accepted close to £2million from Unite, and £795,000 from Unison since last July.

Craig Tracey, vice-chairman of the Conservative Party, said last night: “Labour are so deep in their union paymasters’ pockets, who knows who is really running their show.”

A Labour Party spokesperson said: “Only Labour can be trusted to run the economy in the interests of working people, built on the rock of economic stability and fiscal discipline.”

The RMT is to cause more travel misery by striking again on Thursday and Saturday.

Meanwhile, hospital consultants on an average of £120,000 a year will strike again next month — after walkouts on Thursday and Friday.

The British Medical Association rejected a six per cent pay offer and is demanding a 35 per cent pay rise.

Doctors will provide a Christmas Day level of cover — forcing thousands of appointments to be scrapped.

Last night Dr Vishal Sharma, BMA consultants’ committee chair, warned ministers they were in it for “the long haul”.

Fire your eco-nuts, Starmer

By Natasha Clark

SUELLA Braverman has demanded Sir Keir Starmer sack members of his top team who sympathise with eco-extremists.

The Home Secretary penned a furious letter to the Labour boss accusing him of “bad faith” and hypocrisy after it was reported one of his aides met with protesters for secret talks.

She wrote: “I appeal to you now to stop bowing to fringe lobbies and extremists.

“That must mean sacking Jess Morden MP and all your frontbenchers such as Ed Miliband who have expressed sympathy with Just Stop Oil or Extinction Rebellion.”

Last night Labour insisted Labour aide Jess Morden had not had discussions with Just Stop Oil – but admitted she did speak with Extinction Rebellion.

A Labour spokesperson said: “These second hand reports do not represent what Jessica Morden said or did. She has not been in contact with Just Stop Oil. Our position in public and private is exactly the same.

“Labour have consistently condemned the arrogant, dangerous & disruptive protest tactics used by Just Stop Oil.

“Rather than writing letters to the Leader of the Opposition, the Home Secretary should be fixing the broken asylum system and reversing the collapse in criminals being brought to justice.”

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