I’m a mayor aged 65 and just married a 16-year-old… we’re off on honeymoon but she’ll be back in school when we get home

THIS 65-year-old Brazilian mayor married a 16-year-old schoolgirl and has taken his bride on a dream honeymoon in the Caribbean.

Kauane Camargo and her wrinkled hubby Hissam Dehaini are holidaying in Aruba, but the dream getaway will end soon as she has to return to school.

NewsflashThe couple are on honeymoon in Aruba[/caption]

NewsflashThe couple jetted off to the Caribbean[/caption]

City Hall officials say Dehani is on holiday for a month – just in time for his bride to return to school when the new term begins in August.

The couple sparked a huge scandal in Araucaria, in the Brazilian state of Parana, when they married on April 12.

Some reports say Kauane turned 16 only days before her marriage ceremony to the senior citizen.

Dehain said: “We are happy. She does me good, and I do her good, and together we are not doing anyone any harm.”

Kauane shared the snaps from the couple’s luxury resort getaway, showing the couple apparently blissfully happy.

One photo shows the couple arm in arm at the beach, while another shows them puckering up for a kiss.

But bride Kauane has defended her husband and slammed trolls online.

She said: “What matters, honestly… It’s just that we don’t care!”

Within days of the wedding, two of Kauane’s relatives were given high-paying jobs in on the mayor’s city hall staff.

Her 36-year-old mother Marilene Rode was made the new Municipal Secretary of Culture and Tourism.

And the bride’s aunt Elizangela Rode was appointed Secretary General Director at City Hall.

The new First Lady of Araucaria – who is still in high school – is a local beauty queen.

Three-time wed Dehain made his multi-million-pound fortune as a businessman.

Dehaini, who is reportedly worth £2.2 million, was once seized over drug charges.

In Brazil, marrying at 16 is legal with parental permission, and the country is reportedly the fifth biggest in the world for underage marriages.

Hissam Hussein Dehaini, a father to 16 children, has been married six times, tying the knot for the first time in 1980, G1 learned.

NewsflashThey shared a smooch on a beach[/caption]

NewsflashThey have an age gap of nearly 50 years[/caption]

NewsflashThe young bride’s family have been given positions in the local government[/caption]

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