I was the ‘world’s hottest weather girl’ – now I’ve got a surprising new career, says Yanet Garcia

THE woman who was once dubbed the world’s hottest weather girl now has a very different career.

Yanet Garcia found fame as a meteorologist doing the weather forecast for Televisa Monterrey in Nuevo León, Mexico, after a short yet fairly successful career as a model.

instagramYanet Garcia found fame presenting the weather for Televisa Monterrey in Mexico[/caption]

The Mexican now works as a personal trainer and has an OnlyFans pageYanet Garcia

GettyYanet has a huge following on Instagram[/caption]

Playboy gave her the title, saying she “encourages people to watch the weather forecast”.

For a while she was wildly popular, attracting huge audiences to the local news programme.

Yanet was not just a big attraction in Mexico but also worldwide as clips from her weather segments were posted on YouTube, building up a vast army of followers.

She also forged something of a minor acting career, appearing in 2017’s Sharknado 5: Global Swarming and Bellezonismo in 2019.

The now 33-year-old worked for the news bulletin from 2013 to 2019 before quitting and then moving to the US.

Having left Televisa Monterrey, she registered herself as a personal trainer and launched her own fitness app called FitPlan.

She also announced she was joining OnlyFans, having built up a huge following on YouTube and Instagram, where she has some 14.8million followers.

Fans of the former weather presenter now pay £15 ($20) a month for her OnlyFans content, making sure she is known as “The Mexican Weather Girl,” the moniker she gained while appearing on TV.

Yanet’s previously been forced to deny rumours that she’s had bum implants, insisting that her figure is the result of years of hard work down the gym.

Previously, Yanet dated YouTuber Doug Censor Martin, otherwise known as FaZe Censor.

He is thought to have  dumped her to spend more time on Call of Duty in 2018.

She has also, reportedly, dated former American football player now life-guru Lewis Howes in 2021 although that relationship now appears to be over.

Yanet made a name for herself on the world sporting stage when she was kicked in the bum on Mexican TV for “good luck” in Mexico’s World Cup 2018 opener.

Yanet GarciaPlayboy dubbed her the ‘world’s hottest weather girl’[/caption]

Yanet GarciaYanet often poses in skimpy bikinis for her Instagram fans[/caption]

GettyThe fitness fanatic has been forced to deny she’s had implants[/caption]

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