I gave up my 9-5 job to pursue my side-hustle & now I rake in £100k a YEAR… I stumbled on the role by accident

A CHEF has told how he gave up his kitchen job to pursue his side-hustle and now rakes in £100,000 a year.

Sean Audet, 30, from Winnipeg, Canada says he stumbled on his new role by accident before taking it on full-time back in 2020.

GettyA chef swapped fine-dining for photography[/caption]

The business began back in 2016 when Sean, who was running a restaurant two nights a week while also working in culinary research at a college, had a light bulb moment.

While taking pictures of his student’s food he realised that he could also do this for restaurants to help advertises their businesses.

Using the college’s cameras and lights he began to take on clients by staging and snapping pictures of their grub.

By 2020 he made enough money to buy his own equipment – and took the chance to leave his 9-5 and go freelance.

He told CNBC: “Spending almost a decade in fine dining, plating beautiful food, helped me segue into this niche.

“It really gave me a leg up, and I started booking bigger clients almost immediately.”

Two years later, in 2022, Audet brought in roughly £102,400.

He said: “Every once in a while, I’ll stumble upon something that gets me super excited. 

“With no prompting, I’ll just start working an extra 12 to 14 hours a day on something that interests me. When that happens, I feel like you have to pay attention.”

It comes after a teacher told how he makes an extra £300 a week with his relaxing side hustle – despite his busy schedule.

Faisal Khan, a secondary school maths and science teacher, is passionate about educating the next generation.

But the dad-of-four now earns a flexible second income which fits into his busy life.

Faisal said he always enjoyed driving as a way to “de-stress”, because it relaxes him.

He has now turned his hobby into a handy side-hustle which nets him hundreds of pounds extra per month.

He joined FREENOW around two years ago and has been able to make extra cash each month as a taxi driver.

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