Awkward moment David Beckham almost slips over during Messi’s Inter Miami presentation.. before he’s taunted by co-owner

DAVID BECKHAM had a moment to forget during Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami unveiling.

Bad weather including pouring rain and storms overshadowed the event and almost embarrassed Miami owner Becks.

.David Beckham slipped and had to regain balance at Lionel Messi’s unveiling[/caption]

.Co-owner Jorge Mas poked fun at Becks by pretending to fall[/caption]

ReutersBeckham and Messi embraced on stage[/caption]

ReutersBeckham welcomed Messi to Inter Miami with an emotional speech[/caption]

Fans packed the stadium and Messi was greeted with a huge welcome as he posed with an Inter Miami shirt alongside Beckham.

But the former England captain barely made it to the centre of the pitch due to the bad weather.

Rain soaked the walkway and Beckham lost his footing as he made his way to the stage.

He was able to regain balance without falling over but clearly became nervous as he skidded to where he needed to be.

Co-owner Jorge Mas couldn’t help but poke fun at his colleague as he pretended to slip too.

Luckily Messi also had no issues as he walked up to the stage before embracing Beckham.

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid star was able to regain his composure and welcomed Messi to the club with an emotional speech.

Beckham said: “Ten years ago, I started my journey to build a new MLS team.


“I said then that I dreamt of bringing the best players in the world Florida and the great city of Miami… players who shared our ambition to grow soccer in this country, who would inspire the next generation and help build a legacy in this sport.

“Please forgive me for feeling a little bit emotional tonight.

“It really is a dream come true to welcome Lionel Messi to Inter Miami.

“Leo, we are so proud you have chosen this club for the next stage of your career. Welcome to the family.”

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