Mum, 27, killed after being run over by a lawnmower in California park as horrified family find her remains

A MUM was brutally killed after she was run over by a lawnmower in a park in California.

Christine Chavez, 27, was lying in a weed-filled area when she was run over by a park employee cutting the grass.

Randy ChavezChristine Chavez, 27, was killed after she was run over by a lawnmower[/caption]

Fox40Christine leaves behind a nine-year-old daughter[/caption]

The grass cutter was driving a John Deere tractor with a pull-behind mower in Beard Brook Park in Modesto.

He only spotted Christine – who had a nine-year-old daughter – after he had driven over her in the horrifying accident on July 8.

Her devastated dad, Christopher Chavez, said he found “pieces” of her body scattered in the grass after rushing to the scene.

Some of her clothes were also left behind.

“There were many pieces of (her remains) around there and I called the police,” Christopher told Fox40.

“I went there and I still have pieces of bones, like pieces of her skull and some teeth. It’s terrible.”

Another family member said: ”I mean, big chunks of her are all over the place, just covered up with the grass.

‘We have to go, you know, just like to see the place. And to be right there, looking at the ground and then seeing, like, chunks of hair is horrible.”

Esmeralda Chavez, Christine’s sister, said the mum was sleeping in the park at the time.

She said: “It’s so painful imagining my sister got woken up so horribly – it’s just the worst way to die.

“It hurts so much that she was just sleeping, not doing any harm to anyone.”

Christine’s brother Randy Chavez, 33, said: “My sister was loved. The only thing she wanted was to be free.”

He said she liked to sing and write poetry and dreamed of becoming famous – describing her as a “great and pure soul”.

The park owners, E & J Gallo Winery, said their employee didn’t see Christine – who was homeless at the time – as she was lying in a spot with tall weeds.

The company had only bought the 12-acre park just one day before Christine was killed.

It said: “On Saturday, July 8, 2023, a landscaping contractor was hired to perform weed abatement and fire prevention services.

“There was an accident at approximately 12pm involving the contractor’s tractor and an individual who was not visible and laying in a tall, weeded area.

“The contractor immediately contacted the Modesto Police Department, and upon arrival, MPD officers declared the individual was deceased.

“Gallo expresses its sincere condolences to the family of the victim.”

Grover Landscaping Services, who cut the grass at the park, said: “In a dry, overgrown area, our operator discovered the body of a woman impacted by the pull-behind mower, at which time he contacted the Modesto Police Department.

“We are deeply saddened by these events.

“Our hearts and sympathies go out to her friends and family.”

Both companies said they would cooperate with any investigation into Christine’s death.

Christine’s family vowed to get justice for their daughter.

Her mum Josefina Chavez said: “I am sad for what happened to my daughter, and we want justice for the way that she died.”

Christine’s daughter is now being cared for by her family.

They have launched a GoFundMe to raise funds for the nine-year-old.

ABC 10Christine’s devastated dad, Christopher, is calling for justice for his daughter[/caption]

ABC 10A memorial to Christine in the park where she was killed[/caption]

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