Almost 300 kids snatched from Ukrainian city in ONE month to be ‘zombified’ by Putin’s thugs at Russian military camps

RUSSIA has snatched nearly 300 children from a Ukrainian city in the past month sending them to military camps to become “Russian zombies.”

Ruthless child snatchers have abducted a total of 280 kids from the annexed Antratsytiv district in Luhansk, according to a report.

TelegramRussia has kidnapped nearly 300 children in the past month[/caption]

conflictobservatoryThe Ukrainian children are being abducted and sent off to Russia[/caption]

conflictobservatoryUkrainian children are being sent to Russian military camps[/caption]

The children were then taken to the Cossack cadet corps in Russia’s Kalmykia region.

According to figures from Ukraine’s National Resistance Center, Moscow plans to kidnap a total of 500 Ukrainian children by the end of summer.

The report claims that the children are not only abducted but sent to be “zombified with aggressive propaganda” by Vladimir Putin’s forces.

It is estimated Russia has kidnapped well over 20,000 Ukrainian children since the start of the war, and sent them to be brainwashed and tortured.

A Ukrainian teenager told earlier this month how he was kidnapped from school and shipped off to a hellhole Russian camp.

Vitaliy Vertash, 16, told how he was stuck in a room with four others – and they were only fed soup and buckwheat while facing beatings from the “camp employees”.

The true horrors of the “re-education camps” echo that of Nazi Germany, and have turned countless innocent children into “Russian Zombies”.

Last year, a Sun investigation revealed Vlad’s crony Maria Lvova Belova had headed up an organisation tasked with putting kidnapped Ukrainian children into Russian homes.

Meanwhile, up to 5,000 adults were also kidnapped by Russian forces in besieged Mariupol and sent to work camps in Russia.

Some were forced to wear overlarge Russian military uniforms that could make them a target while others dug mass graves for their fallen comrades in the Russian-held region of Zaporizhzhia.

One man who refused to dig was shot on the spot.

Thousands of Ukrainian civilians are being detained across Russia in centres ranging from brand-new wings in Russian prisons to hellhole basements.

And it is likely Russia is planning to hold much more, in line with Putin’s plan of erasing the Ukrainian culture.

And Russia is planning to hold possibly thousands more.

A Russian government document obtained by The Associated Press dating to January outlined plans to create 25 new prison colonies and six other detention centers in occupied Ukraine by 2026.

The Russian dictator signed a decree in May allowing Russia to send people from territories with martial law, which includes all of occupied Ukraine, to those without, such as Russia.

This makes it easier to deport Ukrainians who resist Russian occupation deep into Russia.

Many civilians are picked up for alleged transgressions as minor as speaking Ukrainian or simply being a young man in an occupied region, and are often held without charge.

Others are charged as terrorists, combatants, or people who “resist the special military operation.”

Hundreds are used for slave labour by Russia’s military, for digging trenches and other fortifications, as well as mass graves.

TelegramPutin’s crony Maria Lvova Belova has led the kidnapping efforts[/caption]

Save UkraineVitaliy was reunited with his mum after spending six months in a Russian camp[/caption]

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