My petty ‘Karen’ neighbour built a barrier just to separate our bins – people say I should build a 10ft privacy fence

A PETTY homeowner sparked outrage online after they were caught building a fence to separate their neighbour’s rubbish.

The longstanding row between the residents has gone viral on social media after the man captured their disputes on his CCTV cameras.

The CCTV footage appears to show a cop inspecting the binsTikTok/@kingbo0tzy

He then has a friendly chat with the neighbour as he negotiates a truceTikTok/@kingbo0tzy

TikTokThe ‘petty neighbour’ inspecting the bins in the early hours of the morning[/caption]

TikToker @Kingbo0tzy even labelled his neighbour a “Karen” after she reportedly called the cops to inspect the man’s boundary infringements.

Footage showed a police officer inspecting the front yards of both homes – who then goes on to have an amicable chat with the man.

The cop appears to sound frustrated with the woman for wasting his time but eventually drives off after trying to negotiate a truce.

He said: “She called law enforcement.

“I have a Karen neighbour.”

Another CCTV clip was later posted that showed the woman appearing to check the placement of his bins in the early hours of the morning.

He said: “I moved my trashcans along the new section of the fencing she put up.

“I guess she didn’t like it and it must have been eating her up inside because she randomly came out at 3am in the morning to check the location of the trash.”

The video has more than 280,000 views – with concerned viewers advising the man to build his own 10ft privacy fence.

“Put up a privacy fence so she cannot touch or see your cans,” a TikTok user said.

“I’d put up a six-fold fence… I hope you get some peace soon,” one added.

“These Karens boy… I would not be able to cope,” a second remarked.

“I’d put up a 10ft privacy fence straight away,” another said.

Pathetic neighbour feuds have trended online and prompted many divisive debates.

One expert revealed how to know your garden rights to avoid frosty rows.

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