I’m not under any pressure to marry – Peju Johnson

By Rita Okoye

Beautiful and fair-complexioned Nollywood actress, Peju Johnson has reiterated the fact that she is living her best life, and not under any pressure to marry.

According to the Osun State-born script interpreter, she has a very understanding family and friends who have never pressured her for marriage.

“My family has never pressured me for marriage. I have a very understanding mother and siblings, who know that God’s time is the best and wouldn’t want me to rush into anything that isn’t genuine. Right now, I am in a complicated relationship but I wouldn’t want to divulge details. The pressure from online fans has been too much. It has become an everyday thing, asking me about my man and marriage plans. Not only that, some guys on social media told me that they have plenty of my pictures on their phones that they use to masturbate. According to them, they are turned on and get hard on merely seeing my pictures or watching my videos,” she lamented.

Asked if she would ever be caught publicly fighting over the man she loves, the Payback star actress maintained that only men are allowed to fight over her and not the other way round.

“Never! I’m a lover girl, I love to love but I wouldn’t be with a man that’s going to put me in that kind of situation. If I’m to fight over a man, it means he never loves me. So, there’s no reason for me to stay. But a man can fight for me.”

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