Eagle-eyed fans say ‘they done Tottenham dirty’ as they all spot the same thing on new EA FC 24 ‘trailer’

FANS claim a goal-crazy “trailer” for video game EA FC 24 has “done Tottenham dirty”.

Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea are seen raining in strikes against a robotic Spurs defence.

As if the trailer is just Spurs getting slapped pic.twitter.com/2RXrdCyu34

— Hunter Godson (@HunterGodson) July 14, 2023

Twitter @EAFCSpurs came out worst in a clip but it might not be the full story[/caption]

It was doom and gloom for Tottenham fans in clips from EA FC 24

Tottenham supporters feared their team has been gamed and shamed – but others reckon the clip might just be a cheeky compilation from a true trailer.

Spurs fans say the clip “slapped” and “bantered” their team by showing them persistently picking the ball out.

One asked: “Why is the defence just Tottenham?” – followed by crying emojis.

But those trailer-trashers were counter-attacked by trolls and lols from opposition supporters.

One called the goal carnage “realistic gameplay” and another explained: “Cuz they needed goals for the trailer.”

A third posted: “Done spuds dirty here.”

The mad ad comes on the same day Etihad hero Erling Haaland turned up in green PYJAMAS and a new braided hairstyle for the game’s launch.


The Treble winner has taken the main spot on EA FC 24 after notching 52 goals in his first season in England.

But he’s joined on the cover by Jude Bellingham, Enzo Fernandez, Vincius Jr and Marcus Rashford.

The game’s developer EA Sports created the Fifa video game franchise.

But now that deal has ended they have made their own version.

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