Watch stunning moment OnlyFans stars Whitney Johns and boxing opponent Amber O’Donnell KISS before KingPyn fight

ONLYFANS stars Whitney Johns and Amber O’Donnell KISSED each other just one day before they fight it out.

The social media influencers feature on the undercard of the KingPyn boxing tournament in Dublin.

KingpynAmber O’Donnell, left and Whitney Johns kissed each other[/caption]

KingpynThe shock incident happened at their weigh in[/caption]

KingpynThe OnlyFans stars are due to fight just one day after their snog[/caption]

Amber O Donnell and Whitney Johns KISS in the face-off @IfnBoxing | #KingpynSF

— IFN (@IfnBoxing) July 14, 2023

They weighed in just 24 hours out from fight night but it seemed there was no bad blood between the two.

Actually, it was quite the opposite as Johns gave O’Donnell a little peck on the lips.

But O’Donnell returned the favour by grabbing onto Johns before the glam duo started to snog each other.

It left those watching on and even the presenters on stage stunned.

Weigh in host Andy Sheppard admitted: “I’m not quite sure what’s happened here tonight, guys.”

And one fan said: “I’m here for it.”

O’Donnell was eliminated from the knockout KingPyn tournament by Elle Brooke’s sister Emily.

Similarly, American Johns was beaten by Aussie 6ar6ie6 and O’Donnell already warned of the admiration the two shared for each other.


She said: “There’s a lot of love between me and Whitney.

“I think Whitney’s an athlete and I think it’s going to be the full five rounds again.

“We’re going to put each other through our paces.”

Amber O’Donnell and Whitney Johns kiss on stageRex

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