How Mr M & Revelation is restoring peace to south east via music, prayers

From Charity Nwakaudu, Abuja

A musical group from south eastern part of Nigeria known as Mr M and Revelation has begun move to restore peace in the whole south eastern region through hosting of daily prayers and praise session at the Halleluyah City Glory castle in Enugu.

The musical band based in Enugu, Nigeria, have greatly influenced the music industry with their diversity and creative ingenuity.

To the group, music is beyond the musical skill and talent but a channel to reach millions with the message of Christ and his love.

Their style of music ranges across different genres but has retained the fusion of cultural instrumentation, this has endeared them to many.

Their consistency in churning out pure African sound has registered them as a household name in Africa. With over 500 discography, their influence is rising and does not seem to be stopping anytime soon.

They made epoch and mind blowing appearance at the biggest gospel music festival in Africa ‘The Experience’ in 2022. Their sterling performance has made them a regular at every major musical hosted by the House on the Rock.

In the hit of the 2019 Covid they became a viral sensation with the release of Onye Inye aka (My Helper).

The vocal dexterity of Promise Miracle a lead of the group is embellished with an anointing that pulls down the heavenly.

Speaking to youths from the south east region in Enugu, Miracle urged youths in the area to embrace peace at all time.

The impact of the message passed by Miracle to the youths has seen many of them embracing peace and spending more time learning new craft within the location and premises of the glory castle.

As part of efforts to further restore sanity to the region, the group recently held a 24hours ‘No Limit’ worship experience the first of its kind in the south eastern part of Nigeria.

That experience alone birthed loads of testimonies and restoration. In their pursuit to project the Africa culture, they also held a Africa cultural festival with a beautiful rendition of songs and attire to depict the richness of the African heritage.

The group has gained recognition with numerous award nominations and wins. Their songs have garnered millions of streams across platforms with over sixty thousand monthly listeners.

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