Urgent warning to parents after shocking video shows adults swimming past drowning boy, 7, as he sinks to bottom of pool

COPS have issued an urgent warning to parents after a shocking video showed adults swimming past a drowning boy.

Griffin Emerson, seven, was swimming in the deep end of an apartment complex’s pool in Fenton, Michigan.

Sheriffs OfficeHorrific CCTV shows Griffin disappearing under the water[/caption]

Sheriffs OfficeThe adult swims straight past him[/caption]

GMAGriffin Emerson was swimming in the deep end of a pool in Fenton, Michigan[/caption]

In shocking CCTV footage, Griffin appears to be struggling to keep his head above the water after removing his inflatable armbands.

People swimming around the youngster didn’t realise and he spent a full minute underwater before he was rescued.

The Genesee County Sheriff‘s Office have now shared three tips to the general public.

They are as follows: know your surroundings, know CPR and teach your children what to look for and how to swim.

Griffin was saved by two other kids playing in the water after an adult swam right past them.

Noah Roche, 12, and his brother Weston Woods, eight, spotted Griffin struggling before leaping into action.

Luckily the boys jumped into the water, swam over to Griffin and pulled him out of the pool.

The boy’s mother, Sylese Roche said he was not breathing and turning blue.

In the video, she performs CPR on Griffin until he begins coughing up water.

Griffin was released within 36 hours of the initial incident and has made a full recovery.

Swanson said in a Facebook Live video: “There were two heroes who saw this and unbeknown to anybody, they jumped into the pool and they picked up the 7-year-old [and] dragged him to the side.

“Here’s the best part — the two rescuers are 12 and eight years old.”

Tom Kinczkowski, Griffin’s grandfather, said: “Most heroes don’t wear capes and that’s these guys.

“Without these guys, he wouldn’t be here right now.”

Sheriffs OfficeThe adult swims underwater without noticing Griffin[/caption]

Sheriffs officeA full minute almost passed before the seven-year-old was rescued[/caption]

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