Terrifying moment Russian tank storms across tourist-packed beach sending sun-seekers fleeing

THIS is the shocking moment terrified sunbathers were forced to flee as a reckless Russian tank ploughed across a packed beach.

Footage shows unsuspecting tourists enjoying the weather at a beauty spot in Tyumen, Russia, when suddenly a T-72 tank storms the sandy bay.

Footage shows the tank rolling onto a busy beachEast2West

People watched on in horror as the tank left a trail of smokeEast2West

It can be seen emerging on a beach at Andreyevskoye Lake from a nearby forest as baffled sunseekers watch on.

Despite the beach being filled with sunbathers, the tank continues to storm across the ground – coming within inches of horrified onlookers.

It leaves a huge smoke screen in its wake as people hurriedly grabbed their belongings in the 32C heat.

The military had decided to clear people the beach so they could conduct war games amid Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine.

But they have been blasted for creating “a real danger for vacationers” by letting the tank roll onto the beach.

Commentator Gara Vova said: “These military men are insolent, people with small children are relaxing here, and they are scared with the tanks.”

The tank driver and his commander should be “punished”, he added.

Trenches have now been dug to prevent people from returning to the popular lake beach. 

The city mayor’s office said there was nothing they could do about the tank.

A spokesman said: “The land there is provided to the Tyumen Higher Military Engineer Command School.

“So their actions are legal. 

“The city cannot interfere.”

But the military school insisted they had done nothing wrong and that sunbathers should not have been in the area.

A spokesman said: “This is the land of the Ministry of Defence, and it is forbidden to swim or come here.

“Police should remove people.

“Soon there will be exercises using special equipment.”

He insisted: “The tank turned around and drove away again.

“It didn’t scare anyone there, nothing happened.”

East2WestThe Russian military cleared the area for war games[/caption]

East2WestThey insisted they had done nothing wrong[/caption]

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