Rishi ‘shocked’ by BBC presenter ‘sex pics’ scandal and urges corporation to investigate ‘swiftly and rigorously’

RISHI Sunak today said he was “shocked” by the allegations against a top BBC presenter – calling for the corporation to investigate “swiftly and rigorously”.

The Prime Minister said he does not know the identity of the star as he spoke about the scandal for the first time.

AFPRishi Sunak discussed the BBC presenter scandal with journalists on board a flight from London to Vilnius, Lithuania, where he will attend the NATO Summit[/caption]

Bombshell claims that a well-known broadcaster has paid thousands to a teenager who sent him sexual pictures have plunged the BBC into crisis.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday morning, the PM said: “They were shocking and concerning allegations, of course they were.

“The Culture Secretary spoke to the Director General on Sunday and is reassured the process they are taking is rigorous and will be swift.”

“We’ve had those reassurances and that’s the right thing to do,” he added.



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“Given the concerning nature of the allegations it is right they are investigated swiftly and rigorously, and it’s important we now let that carry on.”

Addressing the saga on his way to the Nato summit in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, Mr Sunak was asked if he has been told who the unnamed presenter is.

But he insisted: “No.”

Social media has been rife with speculation and forced several stars – including Gary Lineker and Rylan Clark – to publicly state it is not them.

Nicky Campbell and Jeremy Vine have said they are in contact with the police.

Quizzed on privacy laws, Mr Sunak said: “I mean the laws we have should be enforced.”

MPs across the divide have slammed the BBC for failing to act quickly to suspend the star.

The broadcaster has launched a probe to “rapidly establish the facts”.
Boss Tim Davie is expected to face questions on the crisis at a press conference today.

Via a legal letter given to the BBC, the youngster insisted nothing “unlawful” or “inappropriate” had happened between them and the presenter – who the youngster did not deny knowing, or receiving cash from.

The legal letter said: “For the avoidance of doubt, nothing inappropriate or unlawful has taken place between our client and the BBC personality.”

It also called the parents’ allegations “totally wrong” and claimed there was “no truth” in the claims.

Last night the family of the then teenager – who is now 20 – stood by their sworn allegations.

They said they had spoken out for fear the presenter was fuelling their child’s drug habit.

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